Principal's Report 

Greetings families and friends of MPW,

I hope families had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday. Thank you to our parent helpers for their support in running the Mother’s Day stall on Friday, feedback from some is the chocolates were particularly delicious.


This week is Education Week, a chance to celebrate learning with this years theme ‘Active Learners: Move, Make and Motive’. This encourages movement, hands on activities and student voice. Buddy classes have taken the opportunity for a shared experience between classes also.

Our Foundation students are eagerly looking forward to their upcoming Werribee Zoo excursion next week, this is their first big opportunity to participate in some learning outside of the school.

We also have some of our students representing the school at the District Cross Country next Friday. We wish them good luck for their individual competitions and know they will give their best.

2022 Annual Report to the community and Annual General Meeting

Each year all government schools report to the community an Annual Report.  There is a report generated by the Department of Education and outlines the school’s performance in the areas of Student Learning, Student Wellbeing and Engagement, Parent and Staff Opinion survey results and our financial position for the 2022 school year.  

Our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Monday 22nd May at 6pm via WebEx. This is an opportunity for the school to present and speak to the report. A link will be sent out through Compass to families this week. 

2023 Student Attitude to School Survey

The Attitude to School Survey (AToSS) is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education to those in years 4-6. The purpose is to gain an understanding of students’ perceptions and experience at school. The questions focus on their thoughts and feelings in relation to the school, their learning, peer and social relations, resilience, bullying, wellbeing and life in general.

As we value the importance of our students’ voice, their feedback leads us to be able to reflect and improve student engagement and wellbeing.

We will be aiming to complete the survey between 22nd may and 9th June for our year 4-6 students. There will be further information coming home to families this week through Compass.

Reporting Absences on Compass

A reminder to families that entering student absences onto Compass through either the school app or Compass website portal is the preferred method of reporting and explaining your child’s absence. Our goal is to ensure we have no ‘unexplained absences’.

Recording an absence and reason for the absence can be done prior to, during or after the absence. The earlier the absence information is entered the better.

The school has a process to SMS unexplained absences each morning to families, the office staff will also follow up unexplained absences with phone calls and/or a letter.

Uniform Update

Finally, a reminder that from next term students will be required to wear a school logoed top for offsite activities, including sports days, excursions, and local excursions. For our senior students in year 6, this can be their year 6 tops.

Full compulsory aspects of the school uniform begin in 2024 and we will provide more advice around the implementation of the uniform in the second semester.

You can find the Dress Code Policy and Implementation timeline on our website:




Jarrod Sutton