Music News

Senior Choir

In 2018 the MPW senior choir will once again explore the elements of singing and performance through developing a repertoire of songs for an end of year musical (show TBC).  Our goal is to enable the students to participate in and bring together the many facets of the arts such as music, singing, acting and dancing.  The process of rehearsing and performing spoken and sung dialogue develops language skills and provides a platform for students to take positive risks and build self-confidence. Everyone will be involved and have an integral role to play (big or small) to present this year’s musical. Every student develops life skills such as responsibility, collaboration, respect, self-confidence & co-operation.

The best part is…A musical is fun!

In addition, 20 members of the senior choir will participate in the 2018 Victorian State Schools Spectacular mass choir. This experience allows the students to be part of a professionally staged production which includes a cast of almost 3000 government school students all working towards a common goal in a collaborative, competition-free environment. The students attending gain an invaluable performing arts opportunity to work under the direction of internationally renowned industry professionals across all disciplines and in doing so experience the dedication, discipline, practice and time needed to produce such an amazing show, not to mention the excitement of performing live in front of thousands of people. 

Junior Choir

In 2018 the junior choir (grades 1 – 2) will engage in singing and music making activities that will allow the students to explore music concepts and develop a sense of rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture. The junior choir will prepare various musical items to perform at an assembly each term. The smaller performances are intended to provide a variety of song styles while gradually building the students confidence to perform.


Looking forward to another sensational year.

Kate Ridgeway

Choir Leader