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Room 5

Dan the Flying Man

As a whole class literature session, we read Dan the Flying Man. We read it a few times discussing all the places that Dan flew over and where he went. We also spoke about other words that end in |an|. We brainstormed a list of words ending with |an| and made a class list. Students then drew pictures of four things that Dan flew over.

Birthday Graph

We have been looking at the birthdays. In the classroom we developed a class graph with all the birthdays in Room 5. Students then created an individual graph, showing how many birthdays are in each month.

WOW! The Foundation students are writing!

The work samples show the student’s writing, as well as the ‘published” piece of work. You can see that these writers have a good grasp of initial sounds and in many instances; the strong consonant sounds are evident.

The students have demonstrated left to right orientation when writing and are able to read back their work.

How exciting that our Foundation students see themselves as writers.