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Welcome to Semester 2 in Mellor

Welcome back for the second part of the 2020 school year.  Semester 1 was definitely not what anyone was expecting but we have been pleased with the way the students in Mellor have demonstrated resilience and flexibility during uncertain times. It was great to get back to normal in the middle of term 2 and have everyone return to school on a regular basis. Routines and common agreements were re-established and have been a continued focus to allow for a successful year.

Whilst we did not have excursions or visitors to our school we did manage to make memories through special events such as dress-up day, house team meetings and the "World of Maths" incursion.  We also ended term 2 with a very popular Silent Disco.

This term we have already been to a whole school assembly, enjoyed an African Drumming and Dance performance and learnt some Bollywood dance moves. In Week 8, we will get to go on our long awaited Zoo excursion.  

As we settle into Term 3 we want to remind families of the importance of regular home reading.  It is an expectation that reading is recorded on  a daily basis in your child's InitiaLit Reading Diary. Tricky Words (in the back of the diary) should also form part of this daily practice. 

The Homework Grid now runs for the whole term and is published on each class' Google Classroom for students and families to access. We enjoy seeing student's home learning and we encourage your child to bring in these things to share with us.

We look forward to meeting with everyone again during the goal setting conferences in weeks 3 and 4.


Kind Regards,

Mellor Team



Mellor Teachers

M1 Mandy.Jones566@schools.sa.edu.au 

M2 Kathy.Kite338@schools.sa.edu.au

M3 Maddy.Hicks696@schools.sa.edu.au

M4Lauren.McCulloch992@schools.sa.edu.au (Wednesday to Friday)

M4 Joanne.Wegner768@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday and Tuesday)

M5 Sarah.Kroemer361@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Wednesday)

M5 Madeleine.moore780@schools.sa.edu.au 

(Thursday and Friday)

Specialist Teachers.

German - Elizabeth.Edwards559@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Thursday)

P.E - Amy.Byrnes464@schools.sa.edu.au

Science - Richard.Barwa911@schools.sa.edu.au

Important Dates

Term 3

  • Week 3/4 Goal Setting Conferences
  • Week 3 Bollywood Dance Incursion
  • Week 3 Early Years Assembly (M2 Hosting)
  • Week 6 /7 Father's Day Stall
  • Week 6 Whole School Assembly
  • Week 7 Swimming
  • Week 8 Early Years Assembly (M3, M4 Hosting)
  • Week 8 Mellor Zoo Excursion
  • Week 10 Whole School Assembly.  Early Dismissal