evidence-based advice about online safety



eSafety is the first government agency in the world dedicated exclusively to online safety. As the national online safely regulator, we are committed to helping all Australians have safer experiences by removing harmful content from the internet, as well as through a range of prevention, education and early intervention measures.


We help Australians deal with a range of online harms through our reporting services, for cyberbullying that targets a young person under 18, image-based abuse, and illegal online content, including child sexual abuse material. 


We also provide online safety training, advice and resources to parents, educators, young people and other at-risk communities.


Our eSafety Guide also provides the latest advice on games, apps and social media sites young people are using, helping parents, carers and educators understand the age recommendations, benefits and risks.


eSafety’s website – www.esafety.gov.au – is a place where parents / educators can go to find useful and evidence-based advice about online safety.