News from the Office

Collecting Students Early

If you are collecting students early please ensure to allow enough time for staff to retrieve students from their Learning Communities.  


This can take longer than expected especially if they are in specialists subjects or at assembly where they are not in their regular Learning Community.  


If you are able, please call the office prior and advise them of the collection time and we will do our best to have them ready for you when you arrive.


Birthdays are a very special and exciting time and to celebrate with friends at school is even better! At ACS we want to make sure that students having birthdays are recognised and celebrated.


Please be aware that each Learning Community will make every effort to acknowledge and make students feel special on their birthday. We do; however, ask that families do not send food, balloons (etc.) into school.


There are many reasons for this including dietary and health related considerations. It is also very complex from a school management perspective to coordinate the large number of birthdays that a Learning Community would have with up to 75 possible birthdays!


We have though committed to holding a celebration once a term to recognise all the birthday's in the term. Typically this will be done at the end of term; however, each Learning Community will inform parents of the specific arrangements closer to the time.

School Uniform

It has been identified as somewhat of an increasing trend, that many students are regularly not wearing a full school uniform to school and various forms of other non-uniform items are appearing.


Parents/Carers and students are reminded that uniform is compulsory at ACS and all students are expected to be in uniform every day. We are very understanding that on occasions this may not be possible (for various reasons) and all we expect is an email to your child's home group teacher or a note explaining why and when they will be back in uniform.


If families for any reason are having difficulty with ensuring this expectation is fulfilled, please do contact the office and we will endeavour to support you.