Principal's report

Greetings to all families of MPWPS,

Welcome to Remote Learning 2.0!  Here we go again, although this time we are more familiar with the platform and the daily process of learning in this way.  Last week the teachers spent the time planning and organising for the return to Remote Learning, and preparing some learning tasks that could be completed away from a screen, for some variety. 

Again, we have followed the best practice model for student learning in this way with check-in’s daily and small group teaching or instruction for students across the week.  We have also provided for some explicit intervention sessions to take up the opportunity for some additional learning experiences for those students we think would benefit. Marg, Karen and Lisa are providing this from our intervention team and Julie and Donna under the supervision of our Speech Therapist will offer the Speech Therapy Assistance Program.  Our classroom assistants will be working closely with class teachers to support the learning of specific students.  As you can see from this brief outline we all have a part to play in our continued support of students and families at this unusual time. 

The Parent Remote Learning Guidelines 

The Parent Remote Learning Guidelines are  included for your information. 


Upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences week beginning July 27th

We had allocated one of our Curriculum Days to Three-Way Conferences, but after the week allocated to staff planning, and the extended holiday, it seemed inappropriate to add another student free day when we have lost so many days.  The alternative is a week of Parent/Student/Teacher WebEx meetings to touch base with you on the progress of your child and the goals for the coming weeks.  This will be a touch-base type of conversation and different to what a Three-Way Conference normally offers.  As with the modified written report, these conversations will enable teacher, parent and student to come together on a collective understanding of the expectation around the learning. 

Bookings will open on Wednesday July 22nd, and we have allocated a late session on the Thursday of next week.  Your child’s teacher will provide further information about the structure of next week via the timetable. Please watch for the timetable uploaded on Friday each week. 


Thank-you to families for taking the time to come to school to collect your child’s tub and other learning materials. Having familiar items will assist your child in being able to manage their time. Please contact your class teacher via COMPASS if you require further assistance or other materials.


UPDATE Masks at school

As of this Wednesday at midnight, all staff onsite will be required to wear a facial mask coming to and going from school, whilst on yard duty, in the staffroom and or dealing with other duties across their day.  They will not be required to use a mask whilst teaching, but can if they choose. This action of course is to slow the spread of the virus.  If you are coming onsite for any reason, please ensure that you wear a mask and maintain the social distancing and sanitisation requirements. I know you will as you are very considerate of others.  Collectively we can make a difference.


Moonee Valley Sustainability Grant

Last year the Environment Sub-Committee of School Council applied for, and were successful in gaining a grant for developing some raised garden beds.  These have arrived and the plan is that ‘wicker beds’ will be developed. Such an activity was to fit with what was to be the current Inquiry focus for the 3/4 classes. This task was given to this section of the school to develop as it was an authentic fit to learning.  The ‘wicker bed’ system of growing plants encourages depth of root growth through deep watering (Kerri’s definition!).  If you Google Wicker Beds, Gardening Australia has a short but very informative clip to explain the developing and advantages of such a garden bed.  Wicker beds and ‘no dig’ gardens beds are great ways to collectively develop children’s understanding of how things work!


A Family Project OR get the extended family involved whilst in the no contact zone! 

Here’s a simple idea to connect the family through learning about the wider world.  Ask family members (grandparents and maybe aunts) to choose a country of their interest, and provide relevant and interesting facts.  Maybe they have visited this country when we could travel! The project is for a week or so, and the information can be presented in anyway the participants choose.  The projects are presented on a Sunday (say late afternoon) at a designated family time. The most interesting (as agreed by the family) makes the food (read recipes) from that country on the next Sunday evening.  It’s just an idea to keep us all learning and connected.  


Japanese Tour 2019

Over the holidays I was reminded of last years tour of Japan.  This has prompted me to think of a recipe for Kerri’s Kitchen!

Watch out on COMPASS for episode 2 of Kerri’s Kitchen. It could be Okonominyaki- the Japanese Pancake a speciality of Osaka!  Stay tuned.

Well that’s about it from me. Until we see each other from afar. Stay well and safe


Kerri Simpson



Monday Morning Assembly

With a return to Remote and Flexible Learning we will will be returning to our virtual Monday morning assemblies, hosted by Barbara Mc Kenzie.

The assembly presentation will be posted on Compass and will be included in Tuesday's newsletter.

All contributions are welcome and to be included in the virtual assembly are to be forwarded to by the Friday to be included.

2021 Enrolments

We are taking enrolments for Foundation        (and other grade levels) for the 2021 school year.

If you are interested in enrolling at Moonee Ponds West for 2021 please visit the virtual tour on the website or from the Facebook page and collect an enrolment pack from the General Office.  The General Office can be contacted on 9370 6875.

Our proposed Parent Open Day which was planned to be held August 12th will be postponed until we can have visitors onsite. We are hoping to hold the Open Day on Wednesday 9th September.