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For Baptism or Marriage enquiries phone Monsignor Ted Wilkes 67784070.


Monsignor Ted Wilkes would like to invite parishioners to Sunday Mass at 10 am.



On Wednesday was the International Day for World Peace. This was established by the United Nations in 1982. It is a day when individuals, communities, nations and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace. Many groups keep a 24-hour vigil on this day to pray for peace in our homes, in our communities and between nations.


Also on Wednesday was the feast of the apostle Matthew. He was working as a tax collector for the Romans when he met Jesus. The Jews did not like to give their money to pay the Roman tax, and so many people did not like Matthew. They were surprised that Jesus became his friend. Jesus made many friends among those who were rejected.




Lord God,

we thank you for sending apostles to the whole world.

We welcome those who bring your good news.

We pray for them and listen to their teaching.

Call on us, one day, to become apostles too. 

We ask this through Christ our Lord. 



COMING SOON-OCTOBER - World Mission Month

In Australia and around the world, October marks World Mission Month, a celebration of the global work of the Church and the dedication of missionaries, both religious and lay, as they reach out and support children and communities in need around the world. 

We are all challenged to be missionary disciples and to put our faith into action, and World Mission Month is a time of special focus on this in schools across the Armidale diocese.


Diary Dates for your calendar,

  • World Mission Sunday is October 23rd
  • Children’s Mission Day is Wednesday October 26th

Each year in October we participate in fundraising for Catholic Mission. Catholic Mission is a fundraising aid agency for Pope Francis. This year funds raised will be going to  support families in Ethiopia facing malnutrition and food insecurity.  


Our Mini Vinnies students are currently planning some fun activities to enjoy during Mission Month, we are looking forward to hearing about these events early next term.


Catherine McAuley- She always remembered that if there were ten thousand rules to be observed, the greatest of these is charity.

Catherine’s spirituality was centred on the mercy of God…prayer in action…action in prayer.