Principal Update

As we draw to the end of a busy term, I would like to thank our students for their effort in the first half of the year. We have continued to have some level of disruption with Covid and more recently flood water. Despite the challenges, our college continues to grow in learning outcomes across all learning areas and faculties; a testament to the effort and continued focus of our staff and students. Of note, our literacy outcomes, particularly in reading and writing through our classroom learning and Literacy Enhancement Program, continue to grow strongly. We have also seen outstanding growth in numeracy outcomes, with strong collaboration in our maths team supported by our Numeracy Enhancement Program.


It was great to be able to acknowledge our students with a free BBQ, music and activities this week. Students came running from classrooms, and there was a great feel in the yard as students played soccer or tried for the biggest football kick!


It has been pleasing to be able to introduce a new uniform jacket in the past few weeks, with over 200 pre-ordered at the time of writing – certainly a new popular choice with our students. To further support our students with uniform, we are introducing a uniform exchange system next term – keep an eye out for the letter with details, and contact Angela Skinner, who will lead the initiative, for any queries.


Well done to our students in Years 9 to 12, who demonstrated outstanding attendance, commitment and effort in our recent exam period (not to mention on the back of a week-long lockdown). The vast majority of students worked consistently through their 1.5 to 3-hour exams. I would particularly like to thank our Year 9s, being the first year in many we’ve held mid-year Year 9 exams. We also know our VCE cohort are working with a strong focus, and we look forward to building on our best-in-Gippsland state schools result last year.


To our parents/guardians, thank you for your ongoing support of our college and our students. In the uncertain times we’ve had, routines, consistency and predictability are key elements for keeping our students balanced. Equally, time outside (and away from screens), a good night’s sleep, and having some fun along the way make a big difference too. We hope students have a great two-week break, and we look forward to seeing everyone back for Term 3!


Adam Hogan

College Principal