News from the Deputy Principal

Michelle Hinds

Most students resumed school today amidst a very cold morning but what

turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. Class routines were back in full swing

and the students have settled in well to what we now deem, the ‘new normal’.


Everything at school has resumed as normal with the exception of the use of

the school drinking taps, so please ensure your child brings along a drink

bottle. This will be able to be filled from the classroom taps. Cleaning and

sanitisation of classrooms and touch points continue to be regular, daily

priorities. We look forward to seeing everyone at school for the remainder of

the term, unless contact with the school has been made regarding the health

and medical certificate for specific students.


We would like to continue to remind parents and carers to drive carefully

outside our school and adhere to speed limits and road rules such as no u-turns

in front of the school as well as the use of the pedestrian crossing rather than

running across the road. This also applies for Mitchell Court drop off and pick

up. Please drive to the end of the court to assist with traffic flow.


Entering and exiting the school for students will continue in the same manner

as we have done so for the past few weeks to ease congestion and gatherings

at the gates and to promote social distancing. We have also implemented the

use of Exit Cards for the F-2 students this week, ensuring that they are

dismissed safely from the appropriate gates, particularly with the increased

number of students onsite. This has been working well so thank you for you

continued patience and support.


If it is inclement weather at the end of the day, students whose family names

begin with A-K, will now go to the Hall Main Foyer and teachers will bring them

to the gates at Endeavour Drive. For those students whose surnames begin

with L-Z, they will remain in the Hall Side Foyer (facing the oval), then escorted

by teachers to the Mitchell Court Gate. Those students who attend after school

care will be supervised and remain under the canteen shelter until they are

picked up by Merinda Park Community Centre personnel.


Have a great week.


Working with you in partnership

Michelle Hinds