General Information


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School Fees are now overdue.  Please ensure all fees are paid in full before the end of the school year.


If you are experiencing difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange a payment plan.


Thank you for your co-operation.


An electronic kiosk is located at the front office counter which MUSTbe completed by a parent or guardian every time a student is arriving to school late (after 9.00am) or leaving early (before 3.15pm). 


This is a NSW Government requirement and it is imperative that these steps are followed. If these steps are not adhered to your child will be marked absent for the day. 


Please note that if anyone other than a parent, or legal guardian is picking a student up early then either a note or phone call from the student’s parent must be received at the office.

TERM 1, 2023

School commences Tuesday 7th February 2023 for all students. We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas break and look forward to seeing you in the new year. 




  • Whole School End of Year Pool Party Permission note - due Friday 9th December
  • 2023 Swimming Carnival permission note - due Wednesday 7th December 
  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
  • Kids In & Around Water Safety Information
  • 2023 School Fees Information


6th December - Intensive Swimming Program (Stage 1) and Bandlink

7th December - Intensive Swimming Program (Stage 1) and Bandlink

8th December - Intensive Swimming Program (Stage 1) and  Year 5 Leadership Speeches

9th December - Intensive Swimming Program (Stage 1), Vinnies Christmas Appeal and Crazy Colour Day

12th December - Year 6 Pool Party and Year 6 Graduation Dinner

14th December -  Class Transition, Year 6 Graduation Mass and Presentation Evening

16th December - Last Day of Term 4 and Whole School Pool Party 

17th December - Christmas Spectacular