Leader of Pedagogy 

Holidays are almost here! We are all looking forward to having a break, catching up with family and friends, celebrating Christmas and maybe enjoying a trip away. There are some simple activities you can do at home to continue your child's literacy learning. 

  • have rich discussions about different aspects of life around you eg. weather, holidays, travel
  • reading to each other
  • talking about characters from books or movies that you have seen
  • relating content from a book or movie to your life or previous experience
  • discussing the meaning of high-level vocabulary words that you or your child may come across eg. patient, appetite, caution
  • encourage your child to write during the holiday break (eg. letters to friends or family) and help them to edit their writing. This can be done with pencil and paper or on a keyboard.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones,


Holly Greenaway