Secondary 9/10 

Highlights and Achievements for Term 4

The end of 2019 is here and we have had an amazing Term four. Our Surf Camp to Anglesea, representing Concord at the Markers Faire and ongoing success with our sporting teams have shown just what the students in Secondary 9/10 are made of.

Anglesea Camp

In Term 4 I went to Anglesea Camp. On the day I got to Anglesea camp I did the vertical challenge but before I did it I was thinking if I was going to the top, but I did it. It was high to get up to the top and I still did it and I rang the bell. The next day I went surfing. I liked it and it was so fun and cold. It was my first time surfing so it was a good day. I did the crate climb. We had to stack them. I climbed double 12 and I made it up to the top. I liked camp this year. If anyone says they don’t want to go I would say just go and try it.    

Hope SMV


My highlights were surfing because it was fun because I like riding waves. It was hard and it was a little bit scary. I didn’t know what to do at the start but I worked some if it out. It was hard putting on the wetsuit, they had to get 2 people to help me get into the wetsuit. I had to have a half hour shower I think. For lunch I had a roll with turkey, pineapple and lettuce. It was yum. I liked the icecream and panna cotta. Jane gave me a lot panna cotta! The last dinner was bad. I didn’t like it, it was chicken and rice it was not yum. My favourite lunch and burgers, I had one with pineapple and lettuce it was super yum. I didn’t like the 50 minutes phone time it was too short! I would of liked an hour or two.   

Markus SJJ


My favourite thing about camp was the vertical challenge. I had never done it before. It was hard but I gave it a go it was extremely fun I was proud of myself. The food was very good, my favourite food was the chicken. I did boogie boarding I had so much fun riding the wave. I would love to do the camp again.    

Luciano SSB


The Vertical Challenge was hard to do, but I kept trying and I got high. Surfing was really cool; it was a lot harder than I first thought it was going to be but I learned lots of new tricks.    

Ahmed SBF


Earlier this term, 3 9/10 classes went to YMCA camp in Anglesea. We arrived unpacked and played Gaga. I found the rock climbing a fun challenge. It was an awesome camp, I wish I could go back.     Mia SJC


I enjoyed surfing because I am a good surfer. My favourite activity at camp was crate climbing. The food was delicious. I thought the pasta was yummy. I liked my 6 roommates at camp, it was fun sleeping in a room with my friends. The weather on camp was nice. I liked seeing the ocean at camp. I liked the people at camp the most.


Jane Black

Acting Team Leader