From the Principal

Good morning everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic week.  


Our week began with Parent/Teacher interviews. It was wonderful to see so many families in the one place interacting with our committed staff. 


Mike Parker and I attended the last two days of SPPIKE (Strengthening Principals Professional Capability in Koorie Education) training. ‘SPPIKE equips school leaders to have challenging conversations, actively engage the school community and promote positive cultural identity and excellence in schools. The program supports school and systems transformation that includes and promotes Koorie culture as a fundamental element of the Victorian education system’. 


Since our participation, the leadership team have met with our Indigenous students a few times during lunchtimes. Brian, the KESO (Koorie Education Support Officer) has joined us for lunch. During these sessions, we have learnt more about our students and their Indigenous culture. Brian has also provided a history lesson of the Bunurong people. 

We will continue to meet with our Indigenous students to develop an action plan to make our school more inclusive. Areas I would like to start with are the school foyer and the garden.  


The Year 12 Vocational Major students have been extremely busy in preparation for their Market Day, on 5th September. Money raised will go towards our charity, ‘Speak and Share’. 

We look forward to meeting our new Year 7 parents on 7th September at the Information Evening. 


Thankyou for your ongoing support. 










Linda Stanton


Important Dates


01/09/23 | Year 11 Formal

05/09/23 | Year 12 VM Market Day

06/09/23 | Speak & Share Incursion

07/09/23 | Year 7 2024 Parent Information Evening

11/09/23 | Year 12 Trial Exams from Monday 11th to Friday 15th

15/09/23 | Last day of Term 3 (2.30pm Finish)



02/10/23 | First Day of Term 4


Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians,


It was lovely to see you at Parent Teacher interviews on Monday. It is always a great opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress. As the interviews are brief, you are always welcome to contact the teacher via email or phone if further discussion is needed.


Earlier this week, the Year 8 cohort spent a fantastic day in Melbourne traversing the CBD and beyond. This was part of their Humanities program and looking at city structures and comparing that to mega cities. Ms Rattue and the Year 8 team organised the event.


Over the last couple of weeks, we have enjoyed our primary feeder schools paying us a visit. They have focused on science and the students engaged in lots of hands-on activities. 


This week our Year 7 netball team enter the state finals. We wish them all the best. 


Next Thursday evening we are holding our Year 7 2024 Information evening. I look forward to meeting families of students new to the college and of course the familiar faces of our current families who have a new student. We will also have a few our teachers as parents in the audience.


As I am writing this, Spring is nearly here, and the bitter chill of winter is lessening. I see we have a warm weekend ahead especially Sunday. 


Wishing you a great weekend and week ahead.




Denise Leggett

Middle School Assistant Principal






Stromlo Forest, Canberra


Congratulations to Ethan Sheen of Year 8 and Andrew Turver of Year 10 who recently competed at the Australian Cross Country Championships held in Canberra on August 26th. Ethan finished in 34th place and Andrew 46th place which is an outstanding effort.

Both students should be extremely proud of their efforts and their achievements this year on the cross-country track. Both students dominated their age groups at Division cross country as well as SMR Cross Country- comfortably finishing in first place at both levels. At State Cross Country Ethan finished in 3rd place and Andrew in 5th position, again an outstanding effort. Keep up the great work boys- we are all very proud of you!




   Andrew Turver (Year 10)                                              Ethan Sheen (Year 8)

Senior School


To students and families of the Mornington Senior School,



The focus for Senior School students in 2024 is about aspiring to achieve personal best, being respectful to self and others and connecting in a positive way with the Mornington SC community (school and greater community).


To action this, we (students, teachers, staff, and parents) will base our work and interactions on a cornerstone of communication, accountability, transparency, and ownership. There will be times when one or more parties don’t meet the expectations we have for one another. That will be ok, we will take responsibility, reflect, evaluate, and try again. Only when we have effective 3-way partnerships, real educational growth and success will occur.


There will be more information to be released but I am foreshadowing a how-to-be-successful-in-VCE night (name is under review 😉) in term 4. It will be informative, interactive and is targeted for parents (and students) with advice about how to best support their VCE student, what to expect, who to contact for support, with some tips and tricks for monitoring progress without feeling like you are being a sticky beak or an ogre. Students who have harmonious relationships at home and are in a good headspace invariably perform better at school.


Spring has sprung! Only two weeks to go for the term and tonight is our Year 11 formal, which should be a night for our 11s to enjoy some time in each other’s company without the pressure of schoolwork (at least for the night). This upcoming weekend will be the last one for our Year 12s in preparing for SACs before turning their attention to the all-important end of year exams. Finally, I want to thank the Year 10 cohort who did a great job fundraising on Wednesday for Speak & Share, our nominated charity for 2023. Many sausages were cooked, sold, and eaten along with juice boxes. Well done to all the Year 10 students who volunteered to assist in the event. 


Kind regards,




Nick Evans

Senior School Assistant Principal




A Serious word about the parent opinion survey.


After a few weeks of some light hearted commentary, plus a bit of badgering at parent teacher interviews, its time for us to have a serious conversation. The parent opinion survey is a very important tool for the college to help shape its direction. We need to know if the things we are doing are having the impact we are hoping for or if those energies should be invested in other areas.  For example in last years survey parent communication was a key area for improvement, so we have put things in place like this newsletter to improve this area, we have been focusing teacher professional learning and development work on differentiation (catering for students individual needs) we need to know if you are seeing the impact of these things.


Currently we have had 64 parents complete the survey, that is representative of 5 parents out of every 100, or 5%.


The link is on the star menu in compass (The link includes the PIN)


The survey is open for 7 more days, please take the time to do it now, if you put it off you will forget, as a college community we value your voice.


Kind regards,




Mike Parker

Assistant Principal



Year 8



Mr Adam Pirrie


Year 8 City Excursion

In Humanities class we have been learning about changing nations and looking at the impact of a growing population on cities. On Wednesday 30th August all the Year 8’s visited the city. In our class before this we looked at what Melbourne looked like in the 1900’s and compared that to what Melbourne looks like now. After separating into three different  groups we boarded the buses and headed to The District Docklands. From there we visited a range of places from Southbank to Flinders Street Station, Bourke Street Mall and the areas that make up our CBD. We got to buy some food and do some shopping in the city.  To finish off our day we all walked to the sporting precinct and were lucky enough to go into Kia Arena and set off some tennis chants. Teachers took photos of the buildings and places for students to use for their photo essays which have been started in class.  The purpose of the excursion was to look at how much the city has changed over time and predict how it will change in the future should it become a Megacity.


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: When we got to see and learn about all the different places and the history behind each and every important building. 


Lola and Emily 8B

Year 10 

Mr Jake Uhlenberg 

We hope as many parents/guardians as possible were able to attend our first face-to-face interview sessions since 2019. It was a rewarding afternoon/evening, and we hope that many productive conversations surrounding the learning of our students took place.


Last week, 36 of our fabulous Year 10's visited a local farm in Mt Martha and participated in several jobs including bridge building, Guinea pig pen organising and much more. We've provided a few photos from the day below.


We also are very proud to say our fantastic students raised over $320 in our fundraiser for Speak & Share this Wednesday. It was a great achievement, and we thank everyone who donated their money to such a good cause.


Formal is fast approaching, and we know students will soon be finalising their dresswear. The theme is the "Red Carpet" and our expectation is for formal wear. We hope to see many students dressing to impress when the night comes around this October.


Year 11 

Dr Jasmine Keough

All of us in Year 11 are shivering with ANTICI….PATION! It is FORMAL on Friday!!


It is wonderful to catch snippets of excited discussions about the colours of the frocks and suits, shoes and "Oh Dr Keough, I have four pairs of earrings to choose from, and I don't know what to do!" Decorations are being finalised for the Hollywood/Red Carpet theme and students have been working together well.


Students have settled into Term 3 so well and before long it will be the end of this term.  SACs are being completed with ATAR students working hard to do their best. Our VM students are focussed on completing their Unit 2 components of their subjects and attending TAFE and work experience. It has been a calm and quiet week which is appreciated.


The Year 11 Coordination Team look forward to observing our students' terpsichorean skills on the dance floor on Friday evening - dancing to the old favourites of Nutbush City Limits and, of course, Dancing Queen!



Year 11 Chemistry class had a titration practical to determine the concentration of hydrochloric acid.


Year 12 

Mr Scott Kirkby


Thank you to all that have purchased tickets for the Valedictory. The event is now fully sold out. We eagerly await the evening to celebrate our students and their success. 


Vocational Major completion

Vocational Major students that have completed all their work for all their subjects may commence collecting 'sign off' sheets from my office from Week 9 of this term. They will then have all their teachers sign off once they have completed the required work for the subject. 

Once filled in by all teachers, this is to be returned to me in Week 10 and I will record a Compass post visible to both students and parents that will outline the student has completed their VCE Vocational Major subjects and may conclude school on the last day of Term 3, Friday 15 September. 

If students have not completed all the required work for all their subjects, they will be expected to return in Term 4 until this is done and the post will be placed on Compass at the time of completion. 

This process is in place to be as transparent as possible with students and families and increase accountability for students. The reward for organisation and quality work is an early finish. Those that need additional support into Term 4 will attend scheduled classes. This is not a punishment and is a support to ensure students achieve their goals of completing Year 12. Students are welcomed back at school for the final day, October 17 for celebrations in the morning followed by Valedictory in the evening. 


Trial Exams

Note: Connect seminars and trial exams will not clash


Trial exams are set to take place in week 10 for ATAR students from Monday 11/9- Thursday 14/9. No classes will run for the full week.  These will be done in timetable blocks. Students have been presented the timetable and had the process explained to them in Connect on Wednesday. The timetable has also been shared with student on Teams.


Presentation on Trial exams and exam protocols 


Students are reminded to cross check the Subject code with their timetable to ensure they are aware of what time they are in their exam. 


This process is the most straight forward way to ensure all students are able to complete their exams with no clashes and within a normal school day. 


DayStart TimeFinish TimeLine

Class Codes



Monday 11/9




12ENG1D (21)




12ENG2B (19)




12ENG4C (20)




12ENG2E (20)




12ENG3A (19)



Tuesday 12/9




12LAN1B (20)




12BSM1B (22)




12JAP1A (3)




12MAG1E (19)




12BIO1B (20) 




12PSY1A (18)




12VIS1A (16)







12LAN2A (25)




12LIT2A (15)




12MAG2B (24)




12MAG2D (22)




12OES2A (17)



Wednesday 13/9




12MDA3A (16)




12LGS3B (14)




12HHD3A (17)




12PHY3A (15)







12ACC4A (19)




12BSM4A (20)




12HRV4A (19)




12MAG4C (19)




12MAG4F (19)




12CHE4A (20)




12TXT4A (2)



Thursday 14/9




12ART5A (14)




12FOO5A (9)




12LGS5A (12)




12MAG5A (20)




12PED5B (14)




12BIO5A (17)




12ESC5A (14)




12PSY5C (17)




12SYE5A (10)







12MUS6A (7)




12BSM6C (21)




12GEO6A (8)




12MAM6A (18)




12HHD6B (15)




12OES6B (17)




12PED6A (14)




12PSY6B (22)




Students will also receive an additional 4 practice exams from their teachers to assist with their preparations over the break and start of Term 4. 


Connect Seminars

Note: Connect seminars and trial exams will not clash


Connect revision seminars are now finalised. Subjects confirmed are; 

  • English Language
  • General Maths
  • Psychology
  • Business Management
  • Biology  
  • Health
  • Legal Studies
  • Chemistry

NB: English will run a session in early Term 4 at no cost. 


The following subjects did not meet the required threshold and will be cancelled. Refunds will be processed over the coming week; 

  • History Revolutions- awaiting final confirmation
  • Physical Education 


Bayside Shopping Centre is hosting a Jobs Fair on Thursday 7th September 3pm - 7pm.

A great opportunity to sit for job interviews with over 30 employers, gain some work experience over the Christmas holidays and meet with key community groups who can help you get prepared.

Japanese Student Teacher

The Japanese Department at Mornington Secondary College has been lucky to host a student teacher from Japan this term.


Juri Kikuchi attends International Christian University in Tokyo, and recently completed a three week teaching placement at Mornington Secondary College. 


Kikuchi Sensei attended many classes at our school to meet with our students, and then focused on teaching our Japanese classes in Year 9 and VCE. 


As part of her teaching practice, Kikuchi Sensei taught our students about Japanese language and culture. She offered traditional calligraphy classes to our Year 8 Connect classes, and attended an excursion to the International Film Festival and a Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne. 


Outside of school hours, Kikuchi Sensei enjoyed shopping and sightseeing, as well as reuniting with her Australian friends from her previous visit to our country. 




She was also  a guest on the “Breakfast with Rachel & Brodie” radio show on RPPFM Radio, where she happily participated in an interview in English. 




During her stay with us, Juri Kikuchi’s University Professor visited Mornington Secondary College. Professor Handa from the International Catholic University of Tokyo, along with Kylie Farmer from Monash University observed Kikuchi Sensei teaching a lesson to our Year 9 Japanese class. 


They had been working hard to learn grammar and vocabulary related to shopping, and Kikuchi Sensei provided a fun lesson where students demonstrated their understanding and progress in a shopping role-play activity. Students had to take turns at being a shopkeeper and a customer to show what they had learnt. 

We are proud to say that Kikuchi Sensei passed her assessment with flying colours. 


It has been a pleasure to host Juri Kikuchi during her teaching placement, and we would like to thank Teena Borshoft for making her welcome in her home during this time. 


Year 9 and 10 Gaming Event


The free Real XPerience school holidays gaming event on Friday 22 September 2023 will give Years 9 and 10 students hands-on gaming time and information about how they can turn their passion for gaming into a career pathway through the Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major curriculum.

About the event

The department and games and culture experience company Fortress Melbourne will deliver the one-day event, which will feature panel discussions, hands-on workshops and presentations.

The event will give students key information about careers in a number of vocational education and training-linked industries, including:

  • film and content production
  • construction
  • catering and hospitality
  • audio and light engineering.

After the one-day event, Years 9 to 10 students can access a week of free gameplay at Fortress Melbourne, from Saturday 23 September to Friday 29 September 2023.

Event details


  • main event: Friday 22 September 2023, from 10.30 am to 3 pm
  • free gameplay: Friday 22 September to Friday 29 September 2023.

Location: Fortress Melbourne, Shop 25/23 Caledonian Lane, Melbourne.

Cost: free.

Registration is essential, through Eventbrite. Limited tickets are available.

Staff profiles

Sue Gamble

I'm Sue, an educator with 13 years of secondary teaching experience. My passion lies in teaching Food Studies and Health Education, practical subjects that allow all students to grow and thrive. For the past 4 years, I've been a dedicated staff member at Mornington Secondary College, where I've found immense joy in nurturing students' learning journeys.


This year, I've embarked on an exciting new chapter in the Disability Inclusion space as a Dyslexia Expert. Collaborating with fellow educators, I've been fortunate to provide tailored tutoring for students with dyslexia, while also equipping teachers with strategies to meet these students' unique needs. This journey combines my love for teaching with a commitment to creating an inclusive educational environment that empowers all students to thrive.


Outside of work I love being outdoors and in nature. I also have a passion for travelling.


Emily Lombard

I have had the pleasure of working at Mornington Secondary College for 10 years in various different departments and roles! My current role at the College is ‘ASD Expert’ and I work in a wonderful, hard-working team centred around inclusive education. It is my firm belief that education should be made accessible to all and school should be a safe space. The Disability Expert team is involved in helping staff and students feel like they are being supported with specific learning needs in and out of the classroom. I work closely with autistic students (or students with autism) and teachers of those students to make sure we are doing our best to provide a happy, healthy and engaging school environment for them. 


The opportunity to coach staff and up-skill my own learning in the inclusive education space has been invaluable to me this year and I have enjoyed working with the inclusion aides and getting to know their students. Outside of work I love to read, creatively write, play games, cook, learn Japanese and travel!


Life Skills

Year 7 Life skills group, co-facilitated by Lani from the Youth Shire meet regularly with students facilitating to make new friends and build healthy relationships. The program focuses on therapeutic techniques to address building positive personal growth through activities and conversation. 

Don't forget to look on compass for sport sign ups, excursions and any other information sent to students and parents. 

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