Therapy (playtime!)

Students have enjoyed spending time outside with their peers, accessing the different programs Naranga School has to offer.


In the lower junior yard, our play program has been in full swing. This program is developed by the therapy team, and is ran by our therapy assistant Deone. Students have enjoyed playing with Lego/Duplo, dinosaurs and role play. Deone supports students to practice taking turns, sharing their ideas and practice using their AAC devices.

In the upper junior/senior yard, students have been offered pretend play, card games and box construction programs. It has been great to see students working together, negotiating and sharing their creative ideas during these activities. 

Keep an eye on the newsletter to see what our students get up to later in the year! (clue: box construction is getting an upgrade!!)


The Naranga Therapy Team


P.S. Sinead will be on leave for the rest of the year, make sure you contact Fiona if you have any questions about our occupational therapy services at Naranga School :)