St Andrew's School Community is committed to the VICTORIAN SAFE STANDARDS. 

The care, safety and well-being of children and young people is a fundamental responsibility of all within our school.

Term 1/Week 4 · 22 Feb 2024

In this issue

Principal's Message St Andrew’s School Storm Restoration Program, 2024 Prep Family Welcome Mass - 11am Sunday 25th February , Swimming Program - Year 3 & 4 Water Safety Friday , Swimming Squad - Congratulations, Year 6 2024 School Jacket Presentation Friday 1st March (3.00pm - 3.15pm) , Running Club Launching Next Week! , Prep Students Rest Days, Non-Food Sharing - Birthday Party Gifts , St. Andrew’s Open Days for 2024                                   , Icy Pole Sales - Friday Zooper Dooper Sales - 50 cents , School Photos – Tuesday 19th March , Dates for the 2024 Year - Closure Days & Time in Lieu Days  , ‘No Hat - No Play’, Child Safe Practices - Working with Children Checks , 2024 School Calendar 
Around the Classrooms Celebrating Sports Achievements and Announcing Upcoming Events!, Running Club Launching Next Week! , Swimming Squad - Congratulations Bentleigh District Swimming Carnival - Tuesday 27th February
P.E. Last week of Year 3 & 4 Swimming Program 
Religious Education Sacramental Timetable for 2024, PROJECT COMPASSION 2024, For All Future Generations, What is Project Compassion?
Dates to Remember  2024 Closure Days & Pupil Free Days , Dates for Your Diary , Term 2, 2024 Camp Dates, 2024 Term Dates 
From the School Office 2024 School Fees and Levies  , Collection of students during the day , Late Attendance, School Absentee notification, Office sign in, Student Medication, Up to Date Information, Working With Children, Child Safe Practices - Working with Children Checks 
C.S.E.F. 2024
Canteen Hub Canteen Hub - Subway delivered to school, Classroom Cuisine 
Secondary School Information Key enrolment dates for Year 5 students in 2024 starting Year 7 in 2026
Community Page Great Women of Faith exhibition, Oakleigh Dragons, Springvale Indoor Sport, Noble Park Junior Football Club

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