The Adventures of Frankie & Ash

School Support Dogs

This week we had a Big Adventure at home.

Maggie brought a mouse in the house!!!    Maggie likes mice, although I don't think the mice like Maggie because they usually become un-mice when she plays with them.


Ash and me DO NOT LIKE mice.   They are small and scary and they squeak and they run and they have Very Big Tooths.  Maggie let the mouse go and it ran over my paw and I was Very Frightened.   Ash and me ran to the Outside and hid in the gazebo until Mum and Dad found the mouse and took it away from Maggie.


The good part of the Mouse Adventure was that there were Treats to make us feel better.   Ash was more frightened than me.    And just because I ran to the Outside does not mean I am not brave.


I am very brave and bark at all the people who come to the house with packages.  That's because I am a Very Good Girl.   Ash is very brave and barks at the possums in the garden.That's because she is Stoopid.  


That is all.


Frankie & Ash