Instrumental Music Program

At Craigieburn Secondary College, we provide individual lessons for a diverse range of musical instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals. Our program offers students the chance to engage in various events and collaborate with peers to form bands. By participating in this program, students can cultivate leadership skills as they coordinate their own bands and enhance collaboration abilities by refining their musical repertoire alongside their peers. Additionally, the program facilitates participation in events such as school concerts, camps, excursions, and workshops to further support and nurture our instrumental music students.


In 2023, one of our notable events was "Twilight Tunes," an after-school concert held in Term 3. This event garnered significant success, providing our students with the platform to showcase their talents to a sizable audience.

In 2024, our instrumental music program has experienced significant growth, enabling us to expand our event offerings. This year, our senior bands will have the opportunity to perform alongside numerous other bands from various schools at Hume Central College. Furthermore, we are excited to announce the upcoming music camp and after-school concert scheduled for term 3. This is just a glimpse of the exciting events planned for this year.


If you or your child are interested in the instrumental music program, please email for more information.