Year 10 News

Term 1 Reflection 


As term one concludes for 2024, our reflections encompass a comprehensive journey to create a vision for the future and strengthen relationships in our school. Our college values of Belonging, Understanding, Respect, and Growth are key to creating a positive and inclusive environment for students, teachers, staff, parents and the wider community.


With our continued work with Calmer Classrooms, engagement in exciting events such as wheelchair basketball, the Formula One Grand Prix and Harmony Day celebrations, our year 10 students have made a good start to the term. The year 10 team continues with unwavering commitment to build preconditions for the student experience. 


On behalf of the year 10 team, 

Mr. Justin Wu,

Year 10 Pedagogy Engagement and Leading Teacher.




As the weather becomes colder, a courtesy reminder that the correct uniform need to be worn; during term 2, we expect the winter uniform to be worn. We will continue to expect that P.E. uniforms will be worn only on P.E. sport days. Students are also expected to bring in their Ready to Learn Materials to form and classes throughout the day. Our form teachers will continue to support your child by conducting regular checks to ensure your child has the necessary support.



During week 8 we helped students with key study skills during form. The purpose of these skills is to prepare students to achieve success throughout the year. It is expected these skills will be used to enhance learning, and to help with preparation for exams and assessments during term 2.


Below are some of the key skills we have introduced to form assembly:

  • Being ready to learn (morning routine and sleep schedule)
  • Time management and study timetables



Student of the Week certificates are issued each week when students achieve high numbers of merits, excellent attendance, for completion of tasks & homework and more importantly displaying our college values of Respect, Belonging, Growth and Understanding. 


As of week 8, the following students have been consistently nominated for Student of the Week:

GPA Growth Term 1 2024


GPA results have been published and are now available for all students and families. The year 10 team would like to celebrate the success and growth of our students, especially students who improved significantly in their last GPA cycle. Congratulations to the following students who achieved growth of 20% or above from their last cycles.

Following the success in the first cycle, we are hoping for another round of more positive GPAs for all our students during term 2. We encourage all parents and families to regularly communicate with their child’s form teacher if you want feedback or to discuss concerns regarding GPAs.