Principal's Report

Simone Wood, Principal

Hi Everyone,

Don't forget the Tour De Newham is coming up!

Tour De Newham

Families are warmly invited to participate in our bike ride along Jim Road. See below.


Outdoor shade area - from State & Federal Grants

We have tracked the building and completion of this area. Originally it was meant to provide an outdoor learning area for classes during Covid, so that fresh air would help keep us safe. By the time the companies engaged for building these areas across the state, got around to completing them all, covid had well and truly passed. First we got the state grant for the shade structure itself. Then came a Federal grant designed to complete an outdoor project.  Completing this area was the most sensible thing to do.

The Federal grant paid for earthworks, drainage, soft fall and seating (some of which is still to come). 

The timber seating that was here was moved across to under the tree, with the other one, at the MPC. With the left over gravel, the pathway to the back of the MPC was upgraded and potholes in the carpark were filled.