Change to COVID sales.


Change to over the counter sales for ice-creams, drinks, and snacks - children can now bring money for lunch time over the counter sales.  The roller door will be open for children to purchase  ice-creams, drinks, and snacks at lunch time.


 Ice-creams, drinks, and snacks can still be ordered on the children's lunch bags. 😊 


 SAUCE will still be sold in the SACHETS - these cost 30c .


Baskets will be placed outside the canteen for teachers to distribute to the students.


Please be assured that frequent hand washing, wearing of gloves and regular safe food handling practices will be adhered to at all times. 

*Please try and enclose the correct money for orders, to limit cash handling.*









WWCC - it is a requirement that ALL PEOPLE (including parents) who spend time working with children in classrooms or working in the canteen provide to the school one of the following:

Working With Children Check - on line application - lasts five years - this is the preferred option.

Working With Children Declaration - only for those who are exempt from the WWCC.  Form available at the office - lasts one year - requires one hundred points of identification (we need original or certified copy of documents).


Once again we are asking that those parents who do not have a Working With Children Check please take steps to obtain one.   If you already have one, please notify the school of your WWCC number and your date of birth for verification.