The Catholic School Advisory Council provides the opportunity for members of the school and parish community to support the mission of Catholic education in the school.  Working with the Principal and the Parish Priest, the members of the Council provide guidance and support to the school community.  The Council operates within the policies and procedures determined by the Catholic Schools Office.  The Principal has responsibility for the day to day leadership and management of the school.  The members of the School Advisory Council are comprised of the Parish Priest, Principal, staff, parent members, co-opted members. The meetings are only attended by members of the Council and are held once a term.  The AGM is held in November each year. 


The School Advisory Council has responsibility to advise in the following areas.

  • The development of the Catholic identity, ethos and mission of the school.
  • The pastoral care strategies in the school community.
  • Promotion of the school.
  • Monitoring of the annual budget.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations by school associations and committees such as the P&F.
  • Development of local strategic plans (finance, buildings, resources) and contributing to diocesan educational strategic planning.
  • Facilitation of school community responses in conjunction with Catholic system,  engaging with governments on school funding and other relevant issues..
  • Other matters as requested by the Principal or Parish Priest.


  • Monsignor Ted Wilkes: Parish Priest
  • Principal Mrs Belinda Burton
  • Assistant Principal/LOP Mr Dallas Hyatt
  • Elected Parent: Mrs Lisa Patterson-Kane
  • Elected Parent: Mr Paul Pittman
  • Co-opted Member: School Financial Officer Mrs Karen Rizzi

I would like to sincerely thank the new 2021 SAC for agreeing to be on the Council. Your support, friendship and advice with the running of the school is greatly appreciated.

SAC MEETING - 16 November

The SAC meeting discussed the following items:

*Maintenance Schedule

*2022 Budget

*P & F Report - Long Lunch

*Principal Report

*SAC Committee for 2022

2022 School Fees

In making a decision as to the 2022 school fees, the SAC looked at the economic characteristics of our community, wage growth in the general economy, the Wage Price Index (1.7% to June 2021) and the decision was agreed that St Patrick's School fees would only increase by $5.00 per student in 2022.

One child in a family = $1455 per year.

Two children in a family =  $2765 year.

Three children in a family = $4074 year.