Joel McDougal

Senior Sub School Manager


Finishing Line

With only a short few weeks left until VCE exams, students studying a Unit 4 subject attended a seminar presented by Elevate Education, focusing on the final push for our students to the finishing line.

Students were given great strategies to assist in their final preparation for exams and beyond.

Practice Exams September school holidays

A reminder, Unit 3/4 subjects will be having practice exams run during the first week of the school holidays, the timetable for these has been shared and a printed copy is up in the common room for all students to see. Practice exams are important in building writing stamina and allowing students to replicate the exam that will take place in October/November. These practice exams will allow our students to know how confident they are with the content and how much extra work is still required before the VCAA exams take place. All students completing a Unit 3/4 subject will sit a practice exam and teachers will give meaningful feedback on the exam and quality of answers.


VCE VM Interviews

Year 12 VCE Vocational Major students will participate in an interview process next term to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements throughout their final years of secondary schooling. In preparing for these interviews, the students are encouraged to reflect upon their employability skill development, for example their ability to work cooperatively in a team environment and to communicate effectively in the workplace. The timetable for the interview times will be shared early next term. 

Year 12 Jumpers

A reminder to our Year 11 students, your Year 12 jumper needs to be paid for by the end of term.  Please come and see Miss Cropp if you have any concerns over any payment questions, size of the jumper to be ordered or the name to go on the back of the jumper.

Year 12 Camp 2024

The Year 12 camp for 2024 is in its final stages of planning.  Students will receive information about the dates in the coming days, stay tuned.

A reminder to stay present

Students are reminded that although we are close to the end of term, it is important to knuckle down and give it your all and not lose focus.

Stay in the present and make sure you have your priorities clear for the final days of term.