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Lower Juniors took turns to describe by touch natural objects in a Feely bag and identify where they came from. Objects included: a feather, a bean pod, a shell, a Banksia seed, an avocado seed, a leaf and a piece of bark.


Students also learned how small Ozobot robots move. Their individual robots had to follow the correct pathway on a map and arrive at a homestead, sheep paddock, carrot patch, garden of flowers and duck pond. Then students worked in pairs to go around a race track template. They found this activity very engaging and discussed their robots movements with each other. 





Pathways students learned how to recycle a milk container to turn it into a seedling planter. They carefully cut the container in half. Then unscrewed the lid and pierced a hole in it. They screwed the lid back on and turned that half upside down to fill with potting mix. Masks and gloves were put on to fill the container, then they planted in a geranium cutting. Lastly they tested the drainage hole by watering the plant. The other half of the milk container will catch the water to be emptied. See Project Diaries 6 plastic milk bottle hacks on YouTube.