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Cover image: Students donated to see some of their teachers splashed with icy water during the Big Freeze Fight MND Fundraiser

Climate Impact Update

By Nicola Anderson, Environmental Science Teacher, Head of Science Faculty and Climate Impact Policy Working Group Convenor

At the end of 2021, The Friends’ School Board of Governors approved a Climate Impact Policy, and correlating set of Guidelines, to be developed. Since then, work has commenced on implementing this policy document, with a focus on the journey to become carbon neutral as well as ways to engage our students with the process. Read more here.

Pride Week

By Louise Giudici, Casey-Rae Mullen, Kate Baldry and students, Isabel Adams, Hazel Jennings, Skye Li-Byrne, Raphael Bartlett and Clementine Chatto


From June 14th to 17th, the High School and Clemes held various events to celebrate Pride Month. The Diversity Clubs on both campuses came together to organise this week and collaborated on their ideas. 


The High School Diversity Club had the fantastic opportunity to go to the Clemes campus to discuss the School's overall plan for the week. This led to a quick brainstorming session, in which some of the many great ideas the Clemes students had come up with were integrated into the High School plans. 


Throughout the week, badges and stickers were handed out, film screenings, bake sales, and even free dress or accessory days took place. In both High School and Clemes, these activities were paired with Gatherings. The High School and Clemes Gatherings centred on accepting others' diversity and the impact of language. Students made a pledge to always be kind, and made commitments about how they would improve their use of language.


While the two campuses' weeks were different, they both focussed on the same ideas of acceptance, and also provided education on the topics of homophobia and exclusion. The school flew the Pride flag throughout June to celebrate and acknowledge the LGBTIQA+ community.


It was great to see the excitement from within and outside the Diversity Clubs throughout the week. Both of the Diversity Clubs are aiming for Pride Week to become an annual event, to continue to educate others on all aspects of diversity, and 2022 was just the beginning!

Bake sale delights
Bake sale delights
Bake sale delights
Bake sale delights

Our High School banner below made from student pledges to choose kind words. These pledges were made during Gatherings during Pride Week.

Students pinning on the pledges
Students pinning on the pledges

Big Freeze Fight MND Fundraiser

Late in Term 2, a tutor group from Clemes held a Big Freeze Fight MND fundraiser. Students donated to see some of their teachers splashed with icy water, with a reserve of $50 each. A total of $528 was raised. It was a fun way to raise funds and awareness for a worthy cause.


Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is an insidious illness, which currently has no known effective treatment or cure. While we cannot predict when advances in medical research may turn this around, we can all play a role in moving closer towards this objective by donating funds for the cause.

Big Night In

Students in Years 11 & 12 (Clemes) celebrated the Winter Solstice with two special activities to raise money and awareness for mental health charity, SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY. An enthusiastic group braved the cold by wearing shorts and walking to the Domain to watch the sun rise, followed by breakfast before the day's classes. Founder and CEO Mitch McPherson shared his moving personal story with students to promote positive mental health and prevent suicide by reducing stigma and encouraging people to seek help. To make a day of it, students then took part in the Big Night In during the evening at school with pizza, games, a movie night and treasure hunt.

Pets Celebration Week Fundraiser

Many thanks to Stacey Pryer's C11 tutor group for their pet photo competition to raise money and awareness for Small Paws Animal Rescue during Pets Celebration Week (June 27 - July 1). The tutor group ran a pets photograph display and a collection drive for dog toys, blankets, towels etc. They also held a bake sale and raised $116. Every student contributed in organising, promoting, setting up, cooking or selling. It was very much a team effort.