Mini Vinnies 

President -  Annie

Vice President - Adelaide

Secretary - Jessica

Treasurer - Frankie

Events Organiser - Grace F

Publicity Officer - Addison 


The Mini Vinnies Committee are in the process of organising two fundraising activities that will be happening in the very near future. Our fundraising focus for Term 2 is on the Winter Appeal. 


All of the committee members were wondering if it would possible that our parents in all grades would be able to provide some cupcakes to be sold at recess when all of the students will be taking part in the House Day Challenge on Friday 27th May? The members know that this is a big ask as they understand how busy everyone is. If you can, it would be absolutely fantastic and the money raised is going to a great cause.


The second activity that the committee is organising is an afternoon at the movies that will take place on the last day of Term 2 (1st July). This event is still in the planning stages but at the moment, this event will involved an afternoon watching a new release movie while enjoying a drink and some chips and gravy. More information about this experience will be sent home in the very near future.