P & F 


The P & F Association recognises and values the role that parents/carers play in the education of their children and aims to strengthen the partnership between family, school, parish and the wider community for the benefit of the faith formation, development and learning of all the students at the school.  The P & F Association has an important role in the school by providing opportunities for social events and for fundraising for the school.   The Office Bearers/Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the Association and is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, together with ex-officio members (Principal and Parish Priest) and any other members elected at the AGM (held in Term 1 each year) meetings are held once a month.




President   - Trina Fletcher

Vice President - Kylie Faux

Secretary - Chloe Hoy

Treasurer - Karen Blomfield


P & F News

Thanks to everyone who attended the P and F Meeting that was held on Tuesday night. It is very much appreciated. Congratulations to the committee who raised $875 with the Bulb Drive fundraiser. Well done! Also tomorrow is the last day you can place your order for the Pie Drive and Lamington Drive. A big thank you goes out to Aimee and Trina for being the organisers of this activity.


P & F Meeting

As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, the next P&F meeting will be on Tuesday 17th May in the library at 6.00pm.  



Fundraising Class allocations

This year the P&F have decided to allocate fundraising activities to year groups. A point of contact/class representative will liase with parents of their year to organise allocated fundraising activities.

Below are the 2022 fundraising activities and class representative:


Kindergarten – Aimee Norton & Trina Fletcher 

May - Pie & Lamington Drive 

Year 1 – Karen Rizzi & Jessie Healey

September - Grandparents’ Day morning tea Readathon 

Year 2 – Kylie Faux & Becky Tate

March/April – Bulb Drive October Street Stall Father’s Day Stall (existing stock) 

Year 3 – Jess Williams & Lisa Patterson-Kane

June/July - Athletics Carnival 

Year 4 – Vanessa Arundale 

April/May - Mother’s Day Stall September/November - Tea Towel fundraiser 

Year 5 – Chloe Hoy 

March/April - Street Stall & Easter Raffle 

Year 6 – TBC 

August/September - Sock Drive (or other) 

Swimming carnival SAC reps & Karen Rizzi


Get in touch with your class representative and find out how you can assist.


Together we will help contribute to the fundraising efforts for our wonderful school


Pie & Lamington Drive (Due tomorrow! Friday 13th May)