Living Well, Learning Well

Mrs Rebecca Hofman

This week we begin our Character Strengths focus. 

The focus for this week (led by our Year 6 leaders) is Courage/Bravery.


To be brave and have courage at school looks like:

  • Standing up for what is right - in the playground and in the classroom,
  • Doing what is right, even if no one else is doing it,
  • Not going with the crowd and being an individual,
  • Having a go at more difficult challenges in the classroom
  • Trying a new hobby (joining in lunch time clubs or trying out for St. Joseph's has Talent)

By building our character strengths, we can all work together to say:

People have a better day because I am here as part of the school team! 

Each week, we will display our focus for all students to see on our new Living Well, Learning Well display. We look forward to watching our students show courage and bravery in all they do this week and encourage families to discuss this week's character strength at home.