Welcome back to Mellor...a respectful community of powerful learners!

Mellor Professional Learning Team 2021:

Mornings in Mellor

Welcome back to the 2021 school year. We would like to say a big thank you all families and students for their support and easy transition in to our new Mellor learning spaces in the Library and Morphett building. We have had a fantastic start and for the past few weeks have been working hard at familiarising ourselves with our new learning spaces, routines and building positive relationships with our new classmates. As a Year 1/2 Mellor team, students have established common agreements to set the foundation for a successful school year. 


Students have begun their first week of InitiaLit, settling in to their new learning space. Once students sign in and organise themselves for the day, they will move to their groups (which may or may not be in their own classroom) ready to begin InitiaLit at 9am. Please read on to find out more information about what is happening in your child’s learning area.


We will continue to have Discovery Time at other times during the day (mostly in the afternoons) as we continue to incorporate a play based curriculum into our day.


Kind Regards,

Mellor Team


Mellor Teachers

M1 Kathy Kite 

M2 Maddy Hicks

M3 Joanne Wegner (Mon-Tues)

        Sarah Kroemer (Wed-Fri)

M4 Lauren McCulloch (Tues-Fri)

        Maddie Moore (Mon)     M5 Mandy Jones

M1 M3 Ash Bruorton (teaching in M1 and M3 while Kathy and Joanne are on leave)


Specialist Teachers

German Libby Edwards 

P.E  Amy Byrnes

Science Richard Barwa

Important Dates

    Term 1

  • Week 4 Monday 15/2/21 Sentral parent portal open for booking
  • Weeks 5 and 6 Learning conferences 22/2/2021 - 5/3/2021
  • Week 5 Friday 26/2/21 Whole school assembly  
  • Week 6 Tuesday 2/3/21 School photo day
  • Week 7 Monday 8/3/21 Public holiday
  • Week 8 Friday 19/3/21 Early Years Assembly
  • Week 10 Thursday 1/4/21 Whole school assembly
  • Week 10 Friday 2/4/21 Public Holiday
  • Week 11 Monday 5/4/21 Public Holiday
  • Week 11 Friday 9/4/21 Last day of Term 2:10pm dismissal