What's Happening at CHPS

When you know how it's done, it all adds up!

At Croydon Hills Primary school, we love Maths!  We promote growth mindsets at our school:  the ability to keep trying and not give up when things get challenging, and use all experiences to better shape us as learners. Take a look at this video, created by our awesome staff, sharing the reasons why we love Maths and why it is so important to have a positive approach to all math-related activities.

Remember: everyone has a Maths brain!


Sports News

Welcome to another week of online PE activities. Thank you to all those students in the Middle and Senior School who have been doing their fitness activities, catching up on their Soccer Skills , Fitness Challenges, Obstacle Course and to those who had a go at the really difficult Rainbow Flick Soccer Challenge. If you wish to ask me a question about something, please use the Google Classroom page in the Stream section.

Last week I attached a couple of maps for the Cross Country Run. Because we are now going to be transitioning back to school, please use the run as a practice so you know the course, then sometime later this term or even next term, we will conduct the House Cross Country. The Prep/Junior competition may not be held till Term 4.


A Special Specialist Day

Next week there will be no Specialist Activities posted because on Thursday 21st it is a “Specialist Activity Day”.  There will be a timetable provided so that you know when you are on.   It will be Levels at a time, not individual classes, so please make sure you know what time you need to be available online with the different Specialists that you have.  The times are in 50 minute blocks, however, the face to face activity time is only 30 minutes, which gives you a 20 minute break in between each class.  The Leaders of each Level will post the instructions and timetable on Compass for parents to view.  There will also be some instructions earlier during the week, letting you know if there is any equipment needed for the session with your Specialist.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Google Meets next Thursday, starting at 9.00am.






Noreen McMenaman    - Sport / PE

Performing Arts News


Choir/Dance Club

Some exciting news with the staggered return back to face-to-face schooling. As you may know, Preps and Juniors will be returning to school on May 26th and Middles and Seniors will be returning on June 9th. This will impact Choir and Dance Club.  From May 25th till June 9th, Choir and Dance Club will continue to run virtual sessions. However with me being back on-site at school, the times for these virtual sessions will change.

Choir will run as one, instead of the Year 3/4 /Senior split.  Mondays from 1:50-2:30pm and Wednesdays 1:50-2:30pm.

Dance Club will run their virtual session Thursdays from 1:50-2:30pm

Looking forward to seeing you all face-to-face again!

Junk Music Challenge

The Music Captains and I have been working hard to think of fun and creative music challenges. They came up with the idea of having a Junk Music Challenge.  The rules are simple:  find some objects around your house that make sound and try and make a piece of music. This might be using Garageband, or simply making your own junk band with your family.

Post your awesome creations to the assignment 'Junk Music challenge' on google classroom.

Have a look at this to get you started:


Brodie Douma-King - Performing Arts

Visual Arts News

Hi Croydon Hills students

We hope you are all staying well and active at home!

As your Art Captains, we would like to tell you about a new artwork display for all of the artists out there.

We are making a weekly gallery in the Newsletter, where students of all year levels can submit any artworks they have made during Term 2 so far. These artworks can be things you’ve done yourself at home, or things you’ve done in the online classes with either Mrs Janson or Ms Fiorentino.

To submit things, you need to take a clear photo of your artwork. Please do not include yourself in the photo unless your family is happy for you to be in the newsletter. You need to give us your full name and class so we know who you are, but we will not publish your surname.

We ask that students submit their work to this Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RFkyPWg4rUj0WxpsqJrHV3x8vp595dOV?usp=sharing

You can submit as many artworks as you like, which we will choose from each week to have in the newsletter. We will also write a bit about the artworks we display that week. So if you have a short story behind your artwork, we may be able to include it.

We look forward to seeing your art up in the newsletter!

from Madii and Danika