From our Assistant Principal

Thanks to our Educational Support Team

Tomorrow (Friday) is ES Day throughout Victorian schools and we will be celebrating the amazing contribution of our Education Support staff with a virtual morning tea. We would like to acknowledge and thank our wonderful Education Support staff who support our school in so many ways. We are very grateful for all that they do for us on a daily basis!!!

Integration Aides

We have many Aides who work in classrooms, doing an amazing job supporting our students. As well as this they support the school in so many ways, whether it be helping out at a Book Fair, helping prepare the Fathers' Day Breakfast, or looking after students during a Parent Forum. They always help in our school in any way they can and always with a smile on their faces!!


Office Staff

Our wonderful Office staff are such an important part of our school. They are the people we all go to for help!! They keep our school running smoothly and always ready with a smile to help us. Special mention to Sophie, who doubles as our First Aid Officer.


Canteen and Uniform

Karen does a fabulous job of not only running our Canteen but also our Uniform Shop.  Karen works in a professional and conscientious manner and our school community is lucky to have her expertise, enthusiasm and care for our students.



Sue’s passion for books makes our Library a fantastic place. Sue not only lovingly looks after our books, but she reads them as well and is always ready to support staff and students in finding the right book for them!


OSHC and Vacation Care

The leaders of our OSHC program do an extraordinary job of providing outstanding Out of  School Hours care. This is a huge program which is efficiently run and student wellbeing is always paramount.



Kim has been a tremendous asset to our school. Not only does he look after the school grounds, he just built our Ga Ga Pit!  Kim is a fabulous handyman and completes many tasks around the school. He has recently relocated our uniform shop, which looks great.  Kim is very accommodating and will help anybody in the school do anything.


Welfare Officers

We are fortunate to have two wonderful Student Welfare Officers, Julie and Cheyenne, who provide fantastic support to our students and their families. Many parents and students have benefited from the high quality support they give.

Please make sure you look at the Weekly Wellbeing page of this newsletter, which provides some excellent advice on supporting students as they return to school.


If you're stopping for a well-earned break tomorrow morning, please raise your cups to this amazing group of talented people, who bring multiple layers of enhanced support to our students and whose contributions are integral to making CHPS the wonderful place it is.

Carol Wyatt - Assistant Principal