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What a great start!

Welcome back to the 2019 school year. We would like to say thank you to all families and students for their support and enthusiasm throughout the beginning of the year. We have all had a great start and for the past few weeks we have been busily working on familiarising ourselves with new learning spaces and routines. All learning spaces have also established common class agreements to set the foundation for a successful school year. Please read on to find out more information about what is happening in your child's learning area.


Kind Regards

Mellor Professional Learning Team

Mellor Teachers.

M1 Kathy.Kite338@schools.sa.edu.au

M2 Mandy.Jones566@schools.sa.edu.au

M3 Erin.Perkas436@schools.sa.edu.au

M4 Lauren.McCulloch992@schools.sa.edu.au (Wednesday to Friday

M4 Joanne.Wegner768@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday and Tuesday)

M5 Rosemary.McLeanSaxon475@schools.sa.edu.au (Thursday and Friday)

M5 Sarah.Kroemer361@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Wednesday)

Specialist Teachers.

German - Elizabeth.Edwards559@schools.sa.edu.au (Monday to Thursday)

P.E - Amy.Byrnes464@schools.sa.edu.au

Science - Maddy.Hicks696@schools.sa.edu.au

Important Dates.

Week 4 Friday 22/2/19 - Early years assembly. (M1 hosting.)

Weeks 5 and 6 Goal setting conferences.

Week 5 Friday 1/3/19 Whole school assembly.

Week 6 Tuesday 5/3/19 School photo day.

Week 6 Friday 8/3/19 Pupil free day.

Week 7 Monday 11/3/19 Public holiday.

Week 8 Friday 22/3/19 Early years assembly. (M2 hosting.)

Week 9 Friday 29/3/19 Sports Day.

Week 11 Friday 12/4/19 Last day of term early dismissal.