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For Baptism or Marriage enquiries phone Monsignor Ted Wilkes 67784070.


Monsignor Ted Wilkes would like to invite parishioners to Sunday Mass 10am.





Tomorrow will be a very special day for our school as the church and a lot of communities worldwide with Irish heritage, will be celebrating our patron saint, Saint Patrick. But did you know that Patrick wasn't Irish at all, he was actually British. 


Patrick was born in Scotland in the year 347 AD. When he was about fourteen years old, he was captured and brought to Ireland. At this time, the people of Ireland did not know about Jesus. Ireland was not ruled by one single king, but by several Celtic chieftains. Each chieftain ruled a small piece of land but was always trying to get more land through force. Because of this unrest, not many people came to Ireland from England.


As a slave, Patrick was forced to take care of sheep. Patrick prayed often during his captivity. The people of Ireland at this time were not Christian. Patrick learned about their beliefs and practices. When Patrick was twenty years old, he escaped from slavery and returned home. However, he never forgot the people of Ireland and wanted to return to teach them about Christianity.


Patrick began studying for the priesthood and was eventually ordained a bishop. The Pope then sent him to Ireland as a missionary. Patrick became friends with several community leaders in Ireland. Because the people trusted him, many converted to Christianity. Patrick built over three hundred churches throughout Ireland and baptized thousands of people.


Patrick invited other priests and church leaders to join him in Ireland. He remained in Ireland for forty years, preaching, writing, and ministering to the people of Ireland.

There are many legends about Saint Patrick. One such legend has it that he used a shamrock, a plant growing in Ireland, to explain the Blessed Trinity. Just as there are three separate leaves on one plant, there are three distinct Persons in one God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Because of this, the shamrock is the traditional symbol of Ireland.





I rise today

through God's strength to pilot me,

God's might to uphold me,

God's wisdom to guide me,

God's eye to hear me,

God's word to speak for me,

God's hand to guide me,

God's way to lie before me,

God's shield to protect me.

I thank God through Christ our Lord.




More St Patrick's Day News

Tomorrow, Friday the 17th March we will be celebrating  the Feast of St Patrick. The whole school community will be celebrating a liturgy in the library at 11.30am. You are definitely welcome to come and join us.


Also, the children are invited to come to school dressed in green clothing.

Mini Vinnies are organising activities tomorrow to help the school celebrate the school Feast Day.

*Wear GREEN to school tomorrow. (GOLD coin donation, money goes to Project Compassion)

*St Patrick's Feast Day Liturgy in the library at 11.30am

*There will be a 'green theme' food platter available for students to select from at recess and lunch.

*Colouring in competitions for all classes.

*Coin Trail- in the shape of a shamrock under the COLA (Any spare coins will be appreciated!)

*"Find the Leprechaun" competition as well as many more activities. 

All proceeds will be going to Project Compassion and more information will be sent home early next week. A big thank you goes out to our Mini Vinnies members for organising all of the activities.


This Lent, let us consider how we can ensure that we work ‘for all future generations' around the world. 


Together, we can make a difference now, and For All Future Generations.


We are now in the third week of Lent with the Project Compassion story of Priscilla, who lives in the Hwange district in Zimbabwe with her husband, Charles, and two of their grandchildren. Climate change continues to bring unprecedented challenges for people living in the most vulnerable and remote communities in Zimbabwe. 


During times of intense drought and food shortages, Priscilla had to commute to the town centre and wait in long queues to collect food.   


With the support of Caritas Hwange, Priscilla learnt conservation farming skills to grow drought-resistant crops and started poultry farming to support her family during the current food crisis. Priscilla was able to produce a bumper harvest in her first year of practising in conservation farming. Priscilla also used the funds from her harvest to start poultry farming, which enabled her to sell eggs to pay for her grandchildren’s school fees, books and stationery. The poultry farming provides a safety net for Priscilla and her family during times of hardship, like the current drought.


While the situation in Zimbabwe and across eastern Africa remains dire, the work of Caritas Hwange means that Priscilla can learn the techniques, tools and resources she needs to build resilience and support her family during this current food crisis.   



Watch her story and see how her life has changed, thanks to people like you.



Project Compassion Boxes 

We are encouraged during Lent to give greater attention to those who might be in need. One way we are able to do this is by supporting Project Compassion over the forty days of Lent by making monetary contributions (big or small) to these boxes. 

Please return your Project Compassion Boxes to school during the first week of next term. 

Sacrament Dates for 2023

2023 First Reconciliation: Date has been set for our Catholic students in Years 2 and 3 for Friday 20th October 2023.


2023 First Eucharist: Date has been set for our Catholic students in Year 3 for Sunday 11th June 2023.


2023 Confirmation: Date has been set for our Catholic students in Years 5 and 6 for Sunday 5th November 2023.


Catherine McAuley

Catherine’s spirituality was centred on the mercy of God…prayer in action…action in prayer.