For our students.... 

This Week's Birthdays



Tuesday 15th  -  Isla PEC, Jordan MMP, Sophie MJB

Wednesday 16th  -  Callum MMP, Amalie SJC

Today  -  Connor PEC, Abby JAW

Friday 18th  -  India JTA, Chloe JTC, Isabelle JTC, 

                            Indiana JCF

Saturday 19th  -  Lila PRT, Adrian JCF, Elizabeth MBW.

                                 Freya SNT

Sunday 20th  -  Patrick PKS, Ameya JLC, Charlotte SJC



Congratulations!  We hope you had or will have a wonderful day!   


What's Happening in PE

This term has been very different than we have ever known it to be. In saying that, I have found that the students of CHPS have adapted very well to their online learning, especially in PE.  We have been engaging in a lot of fitness activities along with some skills and fun sessions.  We have also been doing Live fitness session sessions each week. 

The past couple of weeks, School Sport Victoria have put up some challenges that I have passed onto our students. The first was the Virtual Track & Field which the students from Years Prep – 6 could choose what event they would like to do and as many as they wish. There were Sprints, Standing Long Jump and Shot Put with a tennis ball.  All user friendly from home.  Many these photos have been put on the CHPS Facebook page and 2 photos were uploaded to the SSV Instagram site. 


Well done to Ella S ( MMP) and Mia P ( SLD) for their great photos that were accepted by the SSV.  Apart from those 2 now famous students, there are still many that are uploading their photos to the Google Classroom PE site so thank you so much for sharing your photos, it's great to see how active the students are during this remote time. The SSV has also now put out a Tennis Challenge to all those students who still have their tennis racquets.  Visit the SSv website and have a look at the videos and see if you can do any of the activities that are suggested. 

Here are a few more great pictures of what the kids have been doing during Remote Learning: 


I hope that everyone can now have a wonderful and relaxing holiday, you all deserve to have a great break after so much work through the term. I look forward to seeing everyone back at some stage net term, starting with the Preps and Juniors, how exciting!!

Noreen McMenaman  -  Sport / PE

Music: A term in review

Hi CHPS Community, 

Well done, we made it through to the end of remote learning for Term 3!  Here is a look back at the amazing work our students have been doing over the term.

Our Prep students have been learning about the difference between beat and rhythm, identifying when there are one or two sounds on any given beat as well as Cosmic Yoga and Move to Music.


Our Junior students have been learning all about beat and rhythm and have even learn to compose their own rhythms using traditional music notation. 


Our Middle students have been learning all about rhythmic and melodic notation, composing their own simple tunes on a virtual xylophone or piano.  


Our Senior students dove into the deep end using Garageband to compose an arrangement of their favourite pop tunes using virtual and live instruments. 


Brodie Douma-King  -  Performing Arts

Artist Of The Week

Art Captain, Danika this week talks to Lily from SKF about her fabulous planetary artwork - well done girls!