2022 Student Awards

Each year we award a number of children for outstanding achievements throughout the year. This year’s awards are:


The Sacred Heart Mercy Award is in recognition of the Sisters of Mercy who founded our school in 1900.  They worked hard and demonstrated the values of Commitment, Care and Mercy.  In giving this award we recognize an individual that has:


Given their time voluntarily, assisted with school events, and demonstrated a commitment to living a life with faith, dignity and care, stepping up to represent the core values of our school as an educating community of living witnesses working in partnership with families, inspiring strength through faith and love.


This year’s recipient of the Sacred Heart Mercy Award is: 

Tori Wellington


The Lions Tatura Awards are awarded to someone that has voluntarily represented Sacred Heart Primary School at community events, been actively involved in social justice activities, been a role model for our younger children and readily displayed our PBIS expectations to do their best, be responsible, be respectful and be resilient.


This year’s recipients of the Lions Club of Tatura Awards are:  

Aryan Shetty & Ella Amurri


The 2022 Sacred Heart School Community Scholarship are awarded to Yr. 5 students for their final year of primary school.


This year’s recipients of the Sacred Heart School Community Scholarship are

Bonnie O'Shannessy & Darcy Hawkins