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This year we will be implementing a framework within our school that is being rolled out across the Armidale Diocese, called ‘Living Well, Learning Well’. One of the main ideas behind this framework is that there is a focus on positive statements and language about expected behaviours. Our school staff display a universal and unconditional positive regard for children and young people, who as a team, aim to increase learning, wellbeing and life-opportunity outcomes for all children. 



Aa a part of the Living Well, Learning Well Framework, there are areas of focus that will be used by all schools in the diocese as this is a system approach to learning and behaviour. 


The three areas are:


I am safe:   This means that students will act in a manner that is safe for them and for others. This not only includes physical safety, but also encompasses using technology safely, following safety rules for different settings, taking safety drills seriously and seeking help for themselves or others when they have a concern.


I am valued, respected and cared for: This means that manners are to be displayed all the time.  Children are reminded and encouraged to display a positive attitude, to be a good listener, to choose words and tone that are appropriate, and to care for our resources and each other. When children feel valued, respected and cared for, they will experience increased learning and well being.


I am a learner: This means that when students arrive at school, they come with the attitude of being ready to learn. They are reminded to persist with difficult tasks, to get back on track if they are redirected and to ensure they are not disrupting the learning of others or the work of the adults who are helping us learn. 


These three areas will become embedded into our everyday language at school.


The following page comes directly from the ‘Living Well, Learning Well’ document and provides examples of how parents and caregivers can work collaboratively with the school to ensure that all children feel safe, valued, respected and cared for at St Patrick's.





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