School Council 

School Council Meeting

School council held the second meeting for 2021 on 22/3/2021. We started by thanking retiring School council members:

  • Jane Kingsley
  • Shannon Jeffs
  • Nigel Toussaint
  • Anna Radywonik
  • Melanie Beissel

We also welcomed new council members Ann Abramovic, Fiona Limoli, Laura Tripp, Melanie Hunter and Jarrod Sutton.


School Council Office Bearers for 2021 were elected, and we would congratulate and thank: 

President: Brian Stanley

Vice President: Matthew Cam

Treasurer: Matthew Kenny

We were given an update on the F/1 open nights held by teachers to allow new parents into the school and inside their children’s classroom. These were held in small groups to allow parents a more formal meeting with the teachers and some other parents in the class. We were advised that these nights were very popular and warmly greeted by parents of F/1 students.

The environment committee reported that some new seedlings for the garden were due to arrive in the next week and we had a very kind donation of some timber which will be utilised in the coming weeks.


Brian Stanley

School Council President

School Council Membership 2021/2022

Parent members:

  • Ann Abramovic
  • Matthew Cam
  • Melanie Hunter
  • Matthew Kenny
  • Fiona Limoli
  • Anna Poole
  • Brian Stanley
  • Laura Tripp

 DET members:

  • Kerri Simpson - Executive Officer
  • Helen Lockart
  • Jarrod Sutton
  • Sandra Monaghan  - School Council Secretary

Sub Committee's 2021 - Expression of Interest 

Are you interested in joining one of the School Council Sub Committees for 2021? Please find attached an Expression of Interest. You may return your Expression of Interest by email to the School Council Secretary @