We are changing over to our new School Management System - Compass. It is a web-based program that is being rolled out in all Primary and Secondary schools across the Armidale Diocese by the end of 2020. 


On the 5th May our school started using Compass as our Parent Portal. You will have access to up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child. Please note not all features will be available when you first access Compass. Modules will be released gradually to our parent portals.  As modules become enabled parents will be notified.


It is most important that you keep your Username and Password secure, just like your bank account details.  They should not be shared with anyone, including your children. 

You are now able to login to Compass using your unique Username and Password which was sent to you via email. Please take the opportunity to login. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact our School Office on 6777 2328 during school hours or email


The Compass 'Kiosk' is in the reception for parents to sign in students arriving after 9 am and sign out students leaving before 2.55 pm.  Late students must be signed in by a parent or arrive at reception with a note stating the reason as to why they are late.  




COMPASS - Parent Portal 

1. Search for “Compass School Manager”

itunes Apps Store - Android App Store - Google Play. 

2. Search for Walcha (search for the town, St Patrick's will bring up too many school results)

3. You will be asked to put in your individual login details.  

4. You will then be taken to the homepage of the APP  

5. If you haven't already logged into the parent portal on the internet, you will be prompted to update your email and mobile number. 

6. Once you have completed all these steps school notifications will be sent straight to your phone. 

* If you have lost your Compass Login Username and Password, please contact our office so we can supply you with your login details. 


Compass Kiosk


The Compass Kiosk is a touch-screen unit designed for use within the school's administration office.The Kiosk provides an integrated online terminal for student late arrivals and early departures, visitors to the school  and various other functions.The Kiosk integrates with Compass, including updates to attendance information, emergency management data and the registration of visitors and contractors; this integration greatly reduces the administrative time required and alleviates the use of manual processes (i.e. sign-in/out books etc).