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Emma Martin

Cross Country 2023

It is on days like our Cross Country carnival that make me feel very proud as a teacher. This is because of the amazing running efforts by the little champions within our school. You all gave 110% effort and should be so proud of yourselves. I would also like to thank our wonderful staff and parents for helping make the day run so smoothly. 

Overall results for the day: 

Age GroupGirls Boys
Sub- Junior


1.   Maisy Armytage

2.   Thea Doring

3.   Summer Catlett

  1. Oliver Holden
  2. Oliver Maughan
  3. William Smith
  1. Evie Lendon
  2. Alice Coombes
  3. Georgia Abra
  1. Chris Fleming
  2. Michael Maughan 
  3. Miller Burke
10 Years
  1. Josie Duff
  2. Eloise Trotter
  3. Makayla Wilcox
  1. Jasper Lendon
  2. Jack Kenafick
  3. Isaac Marshman
11 Years
  1. Chelsea Holden 
  2. Pauline Fleming
  3. Daisy Coleman
  1. Nulla Gillon
  2. Farrer Burke
  3. Beau Fleming
  1. Ruby Kenafick
  2. Sarah Northey


  1. Nicholas Gallagher
  2. Connor Mitchell
  3. Riley Butcher

Age Champions 

Age GroupGirls Boys

Champion- Josie Duff

Runner Up- Eloise Trotter

Champion- Jasper Lendon

Runner Up- Jack Kenafick

11 Years

Champion- Chelsea Holden

Runner Up- Pauline Fleming

Champion- Nulla Gillon

Runner Up- Farrer Burke


Champion- Ruby Kenafick

Runner Up- Sarah Northey

Champion- Nicholas Gallagher

Runner Up-Connor Mitchell


Winning House for the 2023 School Cross Counry PENOLA 


School Team for Diocesan Cross Country at Barraba in Term 2 

Ruby Kenafick, Sarah Northey, Nicholas Gallagher, Connor Mitchell, Ryan Elliot, Riley Butcher, Susie Davisson, Chelsea Holden, Pauline Fleming, Nulla Gillon, Farrer Burke, Beau Fleming, Tobie Weekes, Tommy Taber, Eli Handsaker, Josie Duff, Eloise Trotter, Evie Lendon, Alice Coombes, Georgia Abra, Sophie Eykamp, Adelaide Coleman, Pippa Duff, Jasper Lendon, Jack Kenafick, Isaac Marshman, Bryce Mitchell, Chris Fleming, Michael Maughan, Miller Burke, Joe Sullivan, Will Fleming and Jed Davis.

Our Dioceasan Team
Our Dioceasan Team


Polding Rugby League Trials

We would like to wish Tommy Taber all the best for his Under 11’s Polding trials on Friday 28th April in Tamworth. Tommy will be playing with the Armidale Diocesan Under 11’s side.