Birthdays and Awards


Happy Birthday to the following students who have recently celebrated their birthday, or will do so in the holiday break. We wish you all the best for your special day.

Kahlia Spires, Erika Shepherd, Eloise Trotter, Ayla Collits, Blake Beattie, Ryan Elliott, Isaac Marshman and Brax Tyrna.


Merit Awards

Sophie Eykamp: writing an excellent persuasive text during Big Write.

Jed Davis: great work solving vertical addition.

Leah Kelly: working consistently in all areas.

Cameron Burge: excellent measure in Mathematics.

Leah Kelly: working consistently in all areas.

William Smith: excellent predictions on future communication devices.

Merit Award Recipients
Merit Award Recipients

Legends of the Light Shine Awards - Acts of Service

Chelsea Holden, Billy Taber, Jack Kenafick, River McCallum and Maisy Armytage

Legends of the Light Shine Award recipients
Legends of the Light Shine Award recipients

Reading Awards

Alice Coker, Alice Coombes and Arthur O'Quigley


Cross Country Age Champions 

Congratulations to the children who are our age champions for his year's Cross Country.

Thankyou to staff member Emma Martin for organising a very successful day.

Age GroupGirls Boys

Champion- Josie Duff

Runner Up- Eloise Trotter

Champion- Jasper Lendon

Runner Up- Jack Kenafick

11 Years

Champion- Chelsea Holden

Runner Up- Pauline Fleming

Champion- Nulla Gillon

Runner Up- Farrer Burke


Champion- Ruby Kenafick

Runner Up- Sarah Northey

Champion- Nicholas Gallagher

Runner Up-Connor Mitchell