Specialist Program

Construction- Nina Kahle

This Term students in Secondary 7/8 Construction SEW have enjoyed designing and creating a piece of string art. Before starting, the students looked at various designs that would be suitable to turn into an artwork. They learned about creating designs to scale and using tools such as hammers and pliers correctly and safely. Students in SSO were engaged in building new garden boxes for our Upper Primary courtyard and designing and building their own coffee tables.


Digital Technology- Jess Mitchell

The focus for Digital Technology this year is movie making. This term, both the Secondary 7/8 classes and 9/10 electives dove into making a LEGO Movie using the LEGO Movie Maker App and their choice of characters. To get prepared, they had to find a background photo that suited their story and build a LEGO set to match. To film, they had to move their LEGO characters in very small movements and then take a photo, then move it again and then another photo. The smaller the movements, the smoother the film looked. It took a lot of patience but it was worth it to see the moving LEGO at the end. It has been a fun term!

Outdoor Education- Donna Thomas

Students participate in a double swimming, water familiarisation session for a term. The content covered includes theory and water safety techniques. Students are instructed on safety procedures when in unfamiliar water. Students are also given the opportunity to explore and use equipment like PFD (Personal Floatation Device) in structured water activities as well as the swing rope to enhance their confidence.

Food Technology- Jane Stacey

In Food Technology, the focus for SEW and SAL has been on how to have a healthy body by eating a well-balanced diet, learning about the value of nutritious meals and the effect on their growing bodies. We often refer to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Students have been involved in basic food preparation and have prepared healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.


At week 9, a competition was held between the two classes. They were tasked with designing a healthy dinner. This involved searching through recipes and thinking about what makes a healthy dinner. Jake (SAL) designed a chicken fajita dish which took out first place. All students in SAL and SEW will cook this dish in week 10. Indiah (SEW) came runner up with her pork and spinach dumpling meal design. She even included a healthy dessert in her design.


Students have been exposed to and are encouraged to try new foods, sometimes this has been through taste testing sessions. They always follow safe practices, including hygiene and food safety with the emphasis on enabling them to continue to use these skills within the home. If you are a parent/carer of a Secondary 7/8 student, ask your child to show you what they have been learning to make. They all have shown me their wonderful skills! Students who participate in the program receive a recipe book at the end of their term in Food Technology.

Science – Sam Hutson

This term Secondary 7/8 classes SKH and SVI have experienced an experiment based program ‘Extraordinary Experiments’. For one term students have participated in a weekly experiment where they learn to set up, conduct and record results of guided investigations. These long and short term investigations have included; Coke and Mentos, Film Canister Rockets, Observing Xylem in Celery, Gummy Bear Osmosis, Lava Lamps, Elephant Toothpaste, Fluffy Slime, Orange Sink and Float and Leak Proof Bag. The Discovery Centre is often filled with excitement as students work together to make each experiment come to life.


Jane Stacey

Acting Specialist Team Leader