Rebecca Durran

Middle Sub-School Manager

Middle Sub School Newsletter article

Welcome back to Year 9 and 10 students and parents for the 2020 academic year. We have had a busy start to the year in the Middle Sub School with new subjects, new lockers and a new coordinating team.


In 2020, we have Daniel Grozdanovski coordinating the Year 9 cohort with Luke Sharp and Suzanne Henry assisting.


Joel McDougall is the Year 10 Coordinator and Darcy Cropp will be assisting.


We are all very happy with the positive behavior and attitude towards learning the students in the Middle Sub School have shown at the beginning of the year. It is evident that a lot of students have grown and matured over the summer break and have begun the year on a positive note.


It is important that if your child is absent from school that you make contact with Pauline Cara, the Middle Sub School attendance officer, as soon as possible, or provide a note in your students diary for them to bring the following day.



PE uniform is ONLY to be worn on days that students have PE practical classes

Phones are to stay in lockers for the duration of the school day

Students need to take all required learning materials to every class

Upcoming events:

Week 3:  Year 9 EIS camp 10 to 14 February 

Week 4: Year 10 EIS camp 17 to 21  February

Week 5: Year 10 Leadership camp 24 to 28 February

We look forward to continuing the positive start to this year and celebrating students growth and achievement across the term.