Mental Health Week

8-12 October

Mental Health Week​

Term 4 kicked off with Mental Health week, which aims to raise awareness of social and emotional wellbeing. During Mental Health Week, several lunchtime activities took place including: yoga, boxing, mental health trivia and mindful colouring. Students also participated in several in-class activities and workshops.


Mental health refers to our mental wellbeing: our emotions, thoughts and feelings, problem solving skills, social connections and our understanding of the world around us. Mental illness affects the way people think, feel and interact with others. Someone with poor mental health does not necessarily have a mental illness. Likewise, someone with a mental illness can have good mental health if they are managing it.


Some tips to manage wellbeing:

  • Regular exercise
  • Getting a good amount of sleep
  • Set aside time for the activities you enjoy
  • Eating well

If you are concerned about your child’s wellbeing, feel free to contact the school and speak to the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.


Here are some useful links to find out more information about mental health:


Ms. Kyla Alexander

Wellbeing Coordinator

Mental Health Week


​Years 7-9 Girls Activities


On Thursday 11th October,  the Year 7-9 girls enjoyed a day of fun activities designed to get them thinking about their physical and mental health.  After a short bicycle ride in the glorious spring sunshine, several girls vowed to get their old bikes out and start riding again. During the bicycle maintenance session, the girls competed in teams to remove and replace the wheels on the instructor’s bike. It was great to see the girls’ determination and persistence as they worked together cooperatively! The many benefits of cycling were discussed: exercise; relaxation; the opportunity to socialise and simply getting outdoors. The Yoga session was a nice change of pace, and the ‘Kindness Effect’ session inspired the girls to be kind to themselves and to others.   


It was a great day, with a great message: look after yourself - mind and body!


Ms. Sue Parlanti

Integration Coordinator

Bike Riding for Mental Health


After the fantastic week of Westall SC mental health activities, Mrs Coetzee and I decided to extend the activities by starting a regular bike ride on a Sunday morning.


For the inaugural ride, it was a beautiful day – overcast, no wind and mild temperature.


We rode from the Oakleigh Golf Course all the way to the Botanical Gardens and back. A total of 32 kms. For a first ride that is pretty impressive! We finished tired and sore, but very happy and relaxed.


Bike riding for your mental health has been proved to provide the following:

  • Improves your mood
  • Creates positivity
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves memory
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Bike riding also promotes new thought patterns that provides feelings of calm and well-being

With Summer fast approaching, the weather is improving every day. It’s a perfect time try out your cycling legs. Remember to ride safe; helmets and visible clothing are compulsory when riding. Lycra shorts are optional but definitely more comfortable.


Ms. Sue Stenning & Ms. Conja Coetzee

Humanities Coordinator & English Coordinator