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School Based Apprenticeships (SBA's) in Action for Westall Students


Over the last few Friday’s, I have had the pleasure of seeing Riki P & Sione M in action, working for Parks & Gardens as part of their Certificate II in Horticulture. They have been looking after the garden beds at the back of the Moorabbin town hall. Another Westall student, Kohanui M is also doing doing her Certificate II with these boys.


I spoke with their boss “Nick” (who has been working with Parks & Gardens for the past 16 years) and he spoke very highly of all three Westall students in regard to their excellent enthusiasm and work ethic.


Mr. Scott Newton

Physical Education/ Health Teacher

2018 Australian Mathematics Competition Results

Over 400 schools in Australia and overseas entered the 2018 AMC. Students are asked to solve thirty problems in 75 minutes. The earliest problems are very easy but get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted student. All students receive a certificate and a detailed report showing how they went on each problem, with comparative statistics. The competition is designed to attract the average student to the study of mathematics by demonstrating its place in everyday life and making it fun. It also identifies and opens the way for further nurturing of the exceptionally talented. Most of Australia’s leading mathematicians were identified and developed as a result of taking part in the competition.


A selected group of 39 students from year 7 to year 11 were selected to participate in the Australian Mathematics competition on 9th of August 2018.


Our School Statistics

8            Distinctions

18          Credits

 8            Proficiency

 5            Participation


21% (1 out of 5) of our students scored a distinction and 67% ( 2 out of 3)scored at least a credit which is amazing.


Congratulations to all participants.


Ms. Melinda Chee

Mathematics Coordinator

University of New South Wales Mathematics Competiton - ICAS Results


71 students from Westall Secondary College participated in the competition this year. Many have achieved outstanding results.


Congratulations to all our high achievers

33      Participation Certificates

10      Merit Certificates

20      Credit Certificates

8        Distinction Certificates


Ms. Melinda Chee

Mathematics Coordinator

Westall Cafe Garden

The Westall Café Team have been busy as usual ‘cooking up a storm’! This week they made a mountain of delectable cheesy chicken fingers for lunch, and fresh scones to take home. We also had our first harvest from the Kitchen Garden – 4.6 kilos of potatoes! The garden helpers were amazed at how many potatoes they had produced from just a few small plants. The Café will be making potato salad, incorporating some of the herbs and onions that were also planted and tended by our students. The next crop will be tomatoes!


Next week the Café group are off to visit some restaurants for their ‘Industry Immersion’ excursion. This is a unique opportunity for our students to speak with professionals in the Hospitality Industry. Better still, they will get a chance to sample some fabulous food!


Ms. Sue Parlanti

Integration Coordinator