'Yishu' Arts and LOTE Festival 2018

15-19 October

'Yishu' Arts and LOTE Festival 2018


​15-19 October


Red bulging lanterns, motionless silky Chinese kites, traditional costumes and the VCE Studio Arts Exhibition fill our corridors, to mark yet another year of the ‘Yishu’ Arts and LOTE Festival.


The week began with caricature artist, Anthony Pascoe, drawing his incredibly funny portraits of the teachers and VCE students. Some staff and students couldn’t believe how their features were transformed and didn’t find it humorous at all!!! You can enjoy these great drawings on display outside the social staffroom. See if you can guess the faces?


The Opening of the Arts Festival on Monday, 15th October, was something to talk about! ‘Boyzma’ the Cook island drumming group drummed loud while Ms Ifandis, Mr Lanarus and Ms Zheng moved to the beat.  Students were in awe!


Phil Egan from Dance Factory got the show on the road with students and Ms Priscilla strutting out in hip hop style.


Did you see the Chinese Magic show? How did the paper strips turn into edible noodles? ‘Hydrangea’ a traditional Chinese folk performance was not to be missed.  It was performed by very beautiful Chinese ladies in their striking hot pink costumes.  Alfred Cordial of Year 10 showed us his very skilful robotic moves to ‘Kayoh’. Mr Greywolfe, Mr Clark and the lovely Year 8 students gave us a taste of the ‘life of the artist’.  Who do you think was the best dressed? Did you guess the artist?


Tuesday kicked off with T-shirt transfers.  The buzz in the Art room was incredible. Students were busy creating designs, some ironing images while others waited for their digital image to emerge onto transfer paper.


Badge making with Ms Stenning and Ms Tetoros was a hit! Beautiful Henna designs were created by the most talented Aleena, Armeet and Monin.


Arts Blitz bought in excited crowds to create a masterpiece in 30 minutes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were announced at the end of lunch.


Jimbo’s amazing Photo booth was set up in C7 on Thursday. His colourful rainbow backdrop created a sensational background for the perfect photograph. Students had a great time dressing up with fancy props to add that signature touch. Ms Nikolaou looked the part with bright yellow heart shaped sunglasses, not to mention, a matching glitter hat!!


Sixty Year 8 students filled C block on Friday frantically designing images for their Chinese kite and Beijing mask. Eccentric colours and bold outlines were the key to a great design.


The week concluded with a Fashion Parade, which was presented by Rames Williams and Jasmine Thickens. The students showcased their flare for line, texture, style and form. Jasmine’s line of models included Ms Collingwood, Ms Good, Ms Zheng, Ms Ifandis, Ms Moore and Ms Priscilla. The ladies modelled Jasmine’s designs of the Zodiac. Ms Priscilla stole the day with her cartwheel entrance! DJ Kevin played some cool tracks that set the mood for catwalk and dancing. The lunchtime crowd gathered, cheering in the quadrangle. Applauds were loud as they enjoyed the entertainment.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many students who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to creating ideas for the successful 2018 ’Yishu’ Arts and LOTE Festival. Thank you to Tara C of  8B for her beautiful poster design promoting the week! A huge thank you goes out to Ms Zheng for her incredible support and encouragement merging ideas from the LOTE and Visual Arts Departments.


Let’s give three cheers: to 2018 ‘Yishu’ Festival

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!


Ms. Helen Ifandis

Arts Coodinator