Mother's Day 

Up-cycle Project


Special activity on 10 May during Friday lunch!

(Next week)


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Students are to bring in a container they can up-cycle into “pot” for a succulent. This is part of the sustainability awareness project with the students. 

Up-cycling is about the war on waste  - use or up-cycle rather than throw away!


A few ideas to inspire!


The boys will make their own and then Young Vinnies will also have a stall to sell the surplus to other students to raise money for the Young Vinnies Winter Appeal.


Miss Biffin and the Vinnies boys will also be making bees wax cloths (as a substitute for gladwrap) which will be available for sale as Mother's Day gifts.


Environmentally Friendly Beeswax Wraps

(We'll be making our own)



We would love parents to support our students and Young Vinnies in this craft - fundraising initiative and help by sending in succulent cuttings, recyclable items for pots as well as some money for boys to buy something special for Mother's Day on Friday at the stall.


Susan Biffin

Young Vinnies