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Parents and Friends Association (PFA) AGM

Thankyou to those parents who attended last week's PFA Annual General Meeting.


Those in attendance were presented with a report from our outgoing President along with a financial report.


May I take this opportunity to thank Darren O'Brien, our outgoing president, who has been in the role for the past two years and has done a magnificent job bringing our community together and who was our main driver for our community fete.


Thank you also to Eva Galliano, outgoing secretary, for keeping note of all discussions and activities through the minutes.


During the AGM we reviewed PFA governance and finance issues,  especially for  new members, which arose from the Parents & Friends Financial Obligations Guide issued last year by Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM).  This is a complex matter and I won’t bore you with all the details, other than to say that in order to meet the required standards, the school has become the governing body of the PFA and will assume all aspects of treasury including the auditing components.


As formalities continued we called for nominations for the positions of President and Secretary.


We managed to fill one position, so congratulations to Rodrigo Balart (father to Ava Year Prep), elected as secretary for 2018. The school will assume the role of the Chair (in the interim) along with that of treasury.


With formalities complete, events for 2018 were discussed with the first being our Mothers' Day Breakfast and Stall.


Expenditure for 2018 was reviewed with the consensus to commit substantial funds towards the furnishing of our new Library/Resource Centre to be constructed this year.

A Message from the Outgoing PFA Preseidnt

Hi Parents and Friends,



Thank you to everyone who attended the PFA AGM last week. Together, we can influence the extra curricular learning opportunities and life experiences Corpus Christi can offer our children.


The results from last year's survey show the majority of parents feel the role of the PFA is social activities for families, “to build the school community by connecting parents”. That money raised by these activities should be directed to the classrooms and school grounds. Most people believe we have the right number of events, celebrating the start of the school year, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, the Easter Raffle, and Christmas activities. 


Any money raised by the PFA has been used for additional educational and classroom equipment to enhance our children's learning opportunities. This year, as in the past, the PFA is contributing half of each student's subscription fee for Mathletics. Mathletics is a website that combines teacher set activities, as well reward games.


We are also looking forward to contributing greatly towards the refurbishment of the new  Library & Resource Center which will be constructed through the upcoming building program.


In the past, the PFA has purchased new ovens for the students to use as part of their studies.  We have supplied Spheros and Lego Technic for use as part of the school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) program. 


Before I leave my post, I would like to thank everyone for their support for the PFA as well as thank everyone for allowing me the privilege  to act as president over the past 2 years.


Thanks to all who made the presidency easy, especially, but not limited to: Secretary Eva, Tony Hyde and Miss Debbie with all the administration details. To all those who contributed to the decision making, the planning, and at the events, many thanks for being an active part of the school community. 


I would encourage anyone who is slightly interested in the role of President to step up. There will be support all around you.



Darren O'Brien 

Outgoing PFA President

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