Awards and Celebrations

Happy Birthday!

25th April 

Mila Baker

Giselle Turnbull

27th April

Rosabella D'Andrea

28th April

Kevin Tran

29th April

Ruansh Chowdhury

30th April

Monique Duspara

2nd May

Danny Trieu

4th May

Levi Perera

Students of the Week

Year Prep N: Harvey Berger and Max Green

Year Prep V: George Berkis

Year 1/2H: Kingston Caguoia

Year 1/2C: Stella Peters

Year 3/4L: Keighley Ferro

Year 3/4C: Michel Vuong

Year 3/4Z: Ruby Lou Banjac-Gall

Year 5/6B: Carl Refardt

Year 5/6S: Lucinda Aitchison

Year 5/6M: Axel Arias