Today is “Kodomo no hi” or Children’s Day in Japan. Celebrated every year on May 5th it is a national holiday to wish for the happiness and success of Children. Koi (carp) streamers are a symbol of this day as the koi represents strength and the ability to overcome obstacles, qualities which parents hope for their children.


This week’s Japanese learning tasks are all about learning more about this special day and having some fun with kodomo no hi! Make sure to check it out if you have some time.


Here is Nelli wearing her origami “kabuto” or samurai helmet made by Tyla for Children’s Day!


Doraemon is a very well-known robotic cat cartoon character in Japan. Doraemon has joined the movement to help flatten the curve with his new Stay Home Project, spreading the message that as long as we make the effort to stay in, 'the future will be fine'. There's more to the project than a slogan, though – the official Doraemon site is offering heaps of free online games and activities to help entertain us in quarantine. Check it out here! https://dora-world.com/

Source: Time Out Tokyo website