Colour Study


This week we continue our nature focus exploring the art elements and principles of line, shape, space, pattern, form and colour. 


A beautiful reef inspired by the colours and textures of Autumn created by Violet R from PRW. Wow!!


Here is some beautiful colour study work from Tyla, Mahli and Jed O …..WOW!!


Amazing Mandala design by Lotti T in Grade 2.


Imogen E- This is what I made cause I couldn’t go outside (it was raining)


Jessica K - Prep KM


Ella S - this is the 1 point perspective picture. I drew the train and Zia drew the people.


Macey M Grade 6- One point perspective drawing


Jag S working hard on his art and writing about it. Great work!


A bonus activity from last week was to dress-up as someone who works in the arts. Example: a Ballerina, Musician or Singer, Filmmaker, Actor or Director, a Painter etc.


Here is Ayla S dressed up as a Ballerina:



Molly-Rose C working hard on her one point perspective drawing task.